"I Ask In Prayer"

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    One night, it seems so long ago,
    I asked, 'God, when am I done?'
    I remember what You told me then,
    'I'll let you know My son.'

    On bended knee, I come again,
    I'm tired and I'm weak.
    I need to reach and touch Your hand,
    Your guidance, now I seek.

    I feel this cross, You've given me,
    Is more than I can bear.
    I know that I can't put it down,
    We each must do our share.

    I know that You have placed me here,
    I have a task to do.
    And I have tried my best, dear Lord,
    To do what pleases You.

    At times my faith just weakens,
    And I try to understand,
    Just how much more I have to do,
    To reach that 'Promise Land'.

    But then again, I hear Your voice,
    The answer is quite clear.
    'Time is never mentioned here,
    There's no minutes nor a year.'

    So time is just a mystery,
    To God it has no length.
    You take what is a weakness,
    And you turn it into strength.

    Although my cross is heavy,
    I know I have no choice.
    I'll carry on and not complain,
    In Heaven, I'll rejoice.

    For God so loved His children,
    That His Son died for us all.
    So life's cross we all must carry,
    Till He gives us each a call.

    Copyright © Joe Pielmeier Sr.

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