I attended a presentation given by IGeneX tonight.

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    I attended a presentation given by Robert Giguere, Director of Sales for IGeneX, Inc., speaking on "Variations in Laboratory Tests for Lyme Disease" at State University of New York Adirondack tonight!!!! Let me tell you!!! I have spent thousands of hours reading about Lyme. I have gone to 5 or 6 presentations by various speakers over the last couple years, gone to several support group meetings. NEVER has anyone presented information in such a concise, logical manner. I feel that he made things that are very technical, very confusing, VERY clear. I have kept an open mind about the possibility of Lyme/co-infections, but tonight, I came out thinking, I have Lyme.

    Tomorrow night there will be a second session, a forum for medical professionals only. Doctors, nurses, lab professionals, administrators, and others working in health care are welcome to participate in this forum. I will be calling my PCP office tomorrow, informing them of this presentation, begging, pleading that he attend. If I had money to pay him to go I would offer, he was that good. (That's taking it a bit far, I take that back) But really, he was good.

    I might check IGeneX website to see if he is speaking around the country and if so maybe they post a schedule.

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    That's fantastic!!

    I wish there was a powerpoint presentation of his talk that could be posted so we could read it.

    There is no doubt that lyme is complex, so it's great that he made it very clear and concise.

    Did you take notes?...if you have anything specific to share, please do!! : )
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    Took very few notes. He covered a lot of ground, and spoke very fast. I can share what little bit I did write down. I won't elaborate, just type what I wrote down.

    Residents of Cape Cod and Marthas Vineyard can no longer donate Blood!

    Do NOT blood test during RASH. But a Skin Slice PCR AT RASH SITE, will show positive.

    On IGeneX testing, 5 out of 10 bands are necessary for CDC diagnosis. But, he says ANY ++ IgM means you probably have Lyme.

    DNA testing is available in New York.

    B. Burgdorferi can be cultured from urinary bladder.

    On Lyme Multiplex Test ---
    ANY PCR positive is positive for Lyme. Negative is NOT necessarily negative.
    PCR @ IGeneX get 30% of actual positives.

    For Ehrlichiosis ----
    Need higher than 200 mg. Doxy to kill. 200 mg. will only stop it from replicating.

    Babesiosi - says this scares him more, as it suppresses immune system with a vengeance.

    Causes night sweats (which I think he said cycle every 4 days)
    Air hunger
    Severe Persistent headache
    Unrelenting fatigue
    Off balance 0 "tippy" feeling, not vertigo or dizziness.
    Needs Malarial Drug. Doxy is not enough.

    Babesia --Must test blood smear.
    After 2 months will not show.
    FISH test in blood smear will show Babesis

    Bartonella ---
    More CNS symptoms than physical symptoms.
    Sore soles of feet, especially first few hours in morning.
    AM fevers
    irritability, anxiety, insomnia, seizure, gastritis, rashes, light night sweats
    Needs Levaquin

    If you have positive PCR in Urine, you have B. Borg(???can't read my own writing)

    In New York State, www.EmpireDiseaseAssociation.org has lists of local support groups.

    If you only show band 41kda as positive, HIGH probability you have Co-Infections.

    Doxy will NOT kill Cyst from of B. Borgdorferi. You need a Cyst Buster Cocktail. Need PLAQUINIL.

    www.TickEncounter.org run by Dr. Mather - Dept. of Health in Rhode Island, runs a Website for Veterinarians. Has lot of good info on how to protect yourself, your pets, your yard from ticks.

    That's about all I wrote down. Hope it's accurate. That's about 1/1,000,000 of what he talked about.

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    Did they mention how to handle herxing? I am having to stop abx again as I get so sick that I cannot function...(believe it is toxic overload).

    Did Igenex say 41 band is related to co-infections?

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    Yes, IF only 41 shows positive, then likely have co-infections.

    For herxing, he emphasized why is is so important to be working with your ILADS physician, as it can be dangerous. Gave no coping advise.
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    I know you feel way worse but can it create long-term damage? Beginning to think there has to be a better way than going thru these horrible herxes.

    I wish Igenex had a guide to their bands and what they mean.

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    Thank you very much for sharing your notes!

    I never heard that before about the high probability of coinfections if you show only band 41....interesting.

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    Don't know if this info about the bands helps you, but here it is...