I beat CFS after 17 years

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    After a bout with Mono I never fully recovered. I went back to the doctors with compaints that I was not yet feeling well. There were no answers for me. I would relapse into a full blown bout once or twice a year and have to nurse myself back to so resemblence of health. This continued for 17 years. I was told by a close friend who was aware of my battle that she had seen this a piece on the news about this mysterious illness that seemed to be picking up attention. Finally I discovered that this illness had a name...I was somewhat relieved that it finally had a name. Years went by and I tried every thing that I could find to releive this problem, nothing worked. I had gained 35 pounds and was looking for a diet that would help me shed these pounds when in the preface of the Dr. Atkins Diet I read that this diet helped people with many different afflictions, one was Chronic Fatigue Syndrom. I laughed to myself because here I have tried everything and this surely is going to be a let down should I hold out hope that this would somehow relieve my symptoms. I continues on the diet and I not only lost the 35 pound and looked wonderful but the Chronic Fatigue was gone!!!!! I have not had any symptoms in over five years! I stayed on the diet for over 3 years for fear that it (chronic fatigue)would return. As I continued on the diet I actually gained back 20 pounds because as my nutritionist said my body compensated and the diet was no longer working for weight loss. I was told that I should get off that diet and go on to something else to stimulate weight loss. I was very, very reluctant to do so, terrified that the syndrome would return. Amazingly it did not return and I have been able to lose the 20 pounds on another diet and I haven't had any Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms since. Last night I saw a spot on TV about a man who went through difficulty with a 2 year old child who had seizures and if continued the boy would suffer retardation. This man found a diet much like the Atkins Diet and the boy was able to get off the diet when he was 7 and has no seizures remain. After seeing this program I realized that I had not shared my experience with anyone who was a CFS sufferer about my 17 year struggle with CFS and my solution which is really so simple. I hope that this information gets to someone and helps to relieve the mental and emotional devastation that CFS can cause. I am free of CFS and life has been wonderful and every year my life gets better. Thank you to Dr. Atkins he was a genuis!
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    I've used Atkins since the 70's and it's been a godsend to me. Only makes sense that we will feel better if we eat the food the good Earth gives us, minus the processing!

    Marilyn :)
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    You give me more hope.


    Jen F
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    Funny you should mention this` I've had a one of his books sitting right here in my livingroom and Honestly....have never looked at it!!(The diet revolution??) I got it at a lawn sale for .50
    I'm happy this has helped you and thanks for sharing!and for giving me the kick in the a** I've needed~
    Take care:)
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    ...that it's not a specific "brand-name" diet that will work for everyone, but what "ssmarilyn" said is the key: that "we will feel better if we eat the food the good Earth gives us, minus the processing".

    The vast majority of us eat a majority of our foods altered in some way -- even the vitamins and supplements. The Atkins Diet or "Zone-type" diet did not work at all for me -- I became very anxious, and emaciated, not good when you're thin in the first place. But this obviously helps some people, especially if they're overweight, and again the key is to reduce the amounts of processed, chemically-enriched, artificially flavored and colored foods as possible. At least in most cases. Some folks have recovered with no dietary changes at all, but probably didn't live at McDonalds...

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    Just have to say that meat is not what the earth gave us. I worry so much about my family and friends and the amount of meat they consume. It is so very unhealthy and unless you are eating 100rganic meat at all times you are consuming shocking amounts of antibiotics, bacteria, cancer cells (an amazing amount of animals with cancerous tissue pass inspection). You'd be surprised how much junk they force feed to animals. My body certainly isnt' a healthy one but when it comes to vitamins, minerals, cholesterol etc everything is as it should be because of my vegan diet.(Including my weight) This is why my doctors were so shocked that I was feeling so ill since with their testing I am healthier than most people they come across. I just really urge you all to look deeply into the Atkins diet before you dive in. Look into the critics as well as the loyal followers. I worry so much about the health of meat eaters and this diet chooses meat as it's source of protein which is so very unhealthy for the body. Be very careful with this diet. The harmful effects in the long run is what scares me most. And remember...Meat's No Treat For Those You Eat! =)
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    and God. Of course the meat we buy from the supermarkets today is not the same meat we ate many years ago. Nowadays cattle are pumped full of hormones, anti-biotics, and fed diets high in corn and other fattening things so that their time in the feedlot is much shorter than it should be. We need to eat "free range" meat, eggs, dairy, as much as possible. These products are raised on good grass and hay, with no added chemicals to their systems.

    Marilyn :)
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    I'd love to read your post, but my eyes no longer process all upper case, so I could only skim it. Sounds like you are pro-Atkins. Some people don't seem to be aware that Atkins is not just about all meat, butter and eggs. That's just the beginning of the diet. Later on you move into adding fruits and other carbs so as to eat a balanced diet. This is a wonderful way to eat. Donuts and ice cream are delicious and I adore them, but they are deadly unless consumed on very rare occasions.

    Marilyn :)
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    I've been on a modified Atkins diet for 1 1/2 years and it has really worked for me too. My Dr. gave prescribed this for me for CFIDS, not weight loss. (I am already underweight.)
    I feel better than I have for years and my symptoms are going away.
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    And I thank you for sharing, but the Atkins diet is not a cure for most people. The Atkins and SomerSize diets do help us lose weight and feel better, but you are the only person I have heard of who claims to have been cured of CFIDS by this diet.

    I am very happy for you and only wish it were that simple for the rest of us.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for sharing. Sylvia Brown on Motel when she was on MONTHS ago said its the sugar that causes CFS.