I Beg Your Intercession

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  1. PoimaeHopkins

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    Dear Friends,

    I would really appreciate your intercessory prayers at this time. Memorial Day, Verteran's Day and July 4 are pretty tough times for me. Flashbacks and terrible dreams re-occur over a period of about nine days with each of these holidays being the centerpiece of that length of time.

    A 'target' removed or a 'mission' executed has never been one of the nightmares or flashbacks. I have never regretted or have 'felt' bad about terminating an enemy.

    No, the smells of burnt flesh, the screams of souls in anguish, and the cries for mercy never received that haunt me during these days come from the mouths and bodies of "the innocent" - poor peasant people who got caught in the middle of a War.

    In the Far East, human life was (and still is) worth little to nothing - especially to the VC.

    I know it is not physical; nevertheless, it is still pain. The more I have praying for me, the better.

    Humbly yours,

  2. bandwoman

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    I will pray for you. I am sure no one can relate to this unless they have been to war to see the horrific things that happen.

    My Dad was a marine in WW11 and fought in Okinawa and Guam. I remember the sabre and foreign flag that we had in our attic when I was growing up. The story was this was taken from the enemy before he got my Dad. My Dad never talked of the war at all so I never brought it up.

    He would have flashbacks in the form of nightmares and it happened a few times in the night. I would wake up shaking. His screaming voice sounded like something not even human when these nightmares and flashbacks came.

    If my Dad was still here I am sure he could relate to what you are going through.

    I will pray for you during this awful time of memories.

    In Christ,
  3. windblade

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    I will be so glad to pray for you! I have a very close friend of 35 years who is a Vietnam Vet.

    I will be thinking and praying for you both this week-end.

    Dear Father God, we lift up to you Poimae's sufferings. Wrap him in your arms, Lord. Be there with him in every part of his mind, and pour your healing balms upon him. We thank you Lord that human life is not cheap to you! You know and love every human being. Thank you for being with us Jesus, and with Poimae at this time. In Your Holy Name, Amen.

  4. Shirl

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    Have had you in my prayers all the day, as I pray often. I will keep this special request of yours throughout the whole time of your grief for those who you could not help, and the terrors that plague your mind and heart.

    Mental pain to me is worst than physical pain. Its the heart and soul that is hurting, the only medicine for this pain is the Lord's gentle hand on you.

    God bless you abundantly...............

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. PoimaeHopkins

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    You are very perceptive in your observations of me as they are reflected in my poems, writings and poetry. My soul weeps each time I hear of another abortion, another suicide, another beating and another person who is in pain.

    Yet, there is an even a greater burden I carry - the burden for souls. I must confess, this burden I did not find in my own humanity. It is a burden the Chief Shepherd places upon all His true shepherds who labor in the fields of humanity. One day suffering and sorrow and pain will cease, but the immortal soul lives on into eternity. Immortal are we who live among immortals. Each time I meet a human being, I am meeting an Immortal headed for an eternity in Heaven or an eternity in Hell. That fact weighs on me terribly.

    That is why it is impossible for me share hope with a person without pointing him/her to Christ Who is my Hope!
    1 Timothy 1:1 "...of Christ Jesus, who is our hope;"

    How can I exhort a person to have peace, without pointing them to Christ, Who is our Peace!
    Ephesians 2:14 "For He Himself is our peace,"

    How can I truly encourage a person, whose life is filled with so much despair, without pointing them to what they can have in Christ: Colossians 3:4 "Christ, who is our life,"

    This is why intercession, for this man of God, is the greatest of all burdens. My heart breaks for the broken-hearted, my body screams with those whose bodies scream in pain, and my spirit knows the terribleness of being divorced and deserted. But the greatest of all burdens I do carry is for the souls over-whom He has given me the stewardship of intercession.

    And by His enabling grace, I am able to do this each day.

    In the Master's service, I am

    Your humble servant,


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  6. Sandyz

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    I thank you to our service to our country. I always feel bad that the soldiers suffer so much in war and also once they come home. I have had some PTS myself and know it is very hard to live with. I have never had to go to war though like you have.

    Praying for you this weekend that this year you`ll have a much easier time. Praying the the Lord will lighten your heart and the burdens you carry.

    Many blessing to you and your family,
  7. PoimaeHopkins

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    I rember Taiwan very well - spent Thanksgiving Day there. Some of the most beautiful women in the world live in Taiwan - and some of the finest Christians, too. When I wasn't fighting in the War, I was preaching and teaching wherever an opportunity availed itself. Wonderful memories do I have relating to Taiwan. It is a privilege to 'meet' you.

    We have a major storm front moving over us here in Pawhuska, OK. I am being racked with terrible pains and cramps. I cannot preach, am able to barely stand - and then, not without assistance.

    Horrible nightmares last night. Little sleep.

    Am so tired - hurt so much.

    Yet, this too, shall pass.

    Must keep my eyes on Christ.

  8. Asatrump

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    I am 63. Probably without saying a word you know I lived through those times. I also lost several friends, and currently have a Green Beret in mega physical pain as well from old wounds.

    Sights, sounds, smells, you must have many things that trigger your head and heart.

    I was from the Viet Nam age, and my uncles were WWII age. Horrors that went to their graves.

    I will remember you in prayer.
  9. 143alan

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    My step-father was a veteran of the Korean Conflict and 3 tours in Vietnam. He was a Sgt Major in the Army and although he was in a combat platoon one of his jobs was to video (in the old sense) the affects and carnage of the war. Being the tormented soul that he was, he made my brother and I watch this horrific stuff for hours on end from one of those old reel-to-reel projectors shown on a white wall in our living room. I know what you've seen and my heart breaks for everyone who had to endure that. It was also very common for me to be awakened abruptly with a knife to my throat or his hands around my throat trying to kill me calling me a Cong.

    My husband did 2 tours there and we had numerous friends who had that experience in common. My heart has always been with these vets who endured so much and so many continue to do so.

    Thanks for your service to our country and I will pray for peace in your heart.

  10. PoimaeHopkins

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    Dearest Friends,

    The outpouring of love, concern and prayers, not only for me and but also for the fighting men who fought for their country in the past (i.e. Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, etc.) as well as those who are presently in Harm's Way, has been most overwhelming and touching - to say the least. I can't tell you what it means to me (personally) and to veterans who have been following this post.

    Two months ago, my wife and 17 year old daughter visited Washington DC. They were all excited about seeing the sights, especially the Memorials to the veterans of our Country's wars. They were able to go to the Vietnam Memorial (something I would not be able to do - too many names/too many friends/too many memories). While standing there (thanking God for all American combat men), they were shocked and horrified to see a small group of radicals protesting the war in Iraq. What sickened my family was not just the hateful language this loud group was using against our fighting men and women who were overseas, but it was also the sight of these losers throwing eggs and feces at the Memorials themselves!
    Naturally, you did not hear any outrage from any of our liberal, secular progressive media about this sick action. When I was told what had happened, I was sickened to my stomach. It sickens me even now. No matter what position you take concerning the War on Terror, we should never show anything but the highest respect for the fighting men and women who are serving our beloved Country both here and in foreign lands.

    I know all to well what it is like to be betrayed by our Congress and condemned by our people. I, along with thousands of other fighting men, was never welcomed home when I came back from Nam. Again, this is why the outpouring of love, prayers and concern for me at this difficult time is most heartwarming and appreciated.

    I will say this: if we do not let our military "win" over 'there,' then we will find ourselves fighting the enemies of Freedom and of Christianity 'here' where we live. The secular progressive movement that has permeated our culture - at all levels - is Marxist, anti-American and Anti-Christ. And, if Americans do not wake up to this reality and see how very close we are to losing our Country, then we as a Nation are doomed. We are destroying ourselves as we continue to abuse so many "rights," e.g. the right of 'choice' and the right of 'free speech.'
    We call it the 'right of choice,' yet those, who speak out for the millions of aborted babies who can't speak for themselves, are shouted down and are told "they" have no right to speak against abortion. God will hold us accountable for this slaughter of the innocents!
    We call it the 'right of free speech,' yet those, who speak out for the Judeo-Christian ethics and principles upon which our Country was built, are sued by the ACLU for not being "politically correct." Good people are intimidated everywhere and in all places by the loud mouths of a very few. It is tragic, so very tragic.

    I agree with Tiggy, we need to pray for souls: souls of believers everywhere. We need to remind each other of the spiritual warfare in which we find ourselves. It will not be more money, more education, more clean water, air and food, and more government programs that the real needs of our Country are met. We are doing all these things already - and suicide, HIV, murders, rape and child abuse (to name a few) have never been higher.
    We need to pray for lost souls everywhere. As God leads us, we need to -by Name- intercede for those who are anti-Christ. We complain alot, we pray very little. We intercede for each other, for no one should bear the pain and suffering that we bear - alone. This we should do, and we gladly do it. [Thank God for a board like this!]

    But, Dear Ones, how much more should we pray for those who live in darkness, who hate themselves and others (as a way of life), who have no peace and know not joy?! They reject the one true God and worship their own self-contrived gods of materialism and humanism; they realize not that their gods will one day show their demonic origins. And that their self-destructive lives will have earned for them an eternal hell.

    Oh, dear Ones, pray for those individuals whom God has placed on your hearts. We are living in the end times. And it will only be by prayer through a "Salvation Circle" that our Beloved Country will be redeemed and the full wrath of a thrice Holy God against sin will be averted.

    Dear God in Heaven, have mercy on our souls. Strenthen the souls that are Thine, convict and save souls who are enslaved by Sin and Satan, and may Thy Kingdom come, Lord Jesus. Let it come!

    Soli Deo Gloria!


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  11. morningsonshine

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    I will say this: if we do not let our military "win" over 'there,' then we will find ourselves fighting the enemies of Freedom and of Christianity 'here' where we live.

    I completely agree with that statement. So many have no idea how important this struggle is, and how much we need to support our troops.

    The same spirit that rose up in Nazi germany is on the rise again over seas. A generation of children have been trained to hate and fight and give there lives for the destruction of "western civilization".

    I seen clips of foreign leaders speaking, and it was horrifing, they want the war over here, Jihad, Holy war.

    They are more religious than most in this country and ready to die for what they believe. Are we??

    My great grandfather fought in germany. I'm thankful for the freedom we have in this country. And very sad when it is abused in the wrong way.

    The more we shove God out, the less freedom we have.

    Praying for our troops, and veterans

    God Bless them