I believe in miracles

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    I believe in miracles.

    Miracles abound but most go undetected. They do not announce themselves with fanfare, fireworks, or any glitz or glamour. They arrive silently and matter of factly. Many miracles are credited to luck, chance, coincidence, and fate. They do not demand attention, need an audience, or expect a place on the local 6 p.m. news. Miracles are way too important and powerful to require any special treatment, attention, or circumstances. They are just what they are - miracles.

    God presents us with miracles everyday. Some arrive in things that happen to us, while others are demonstrated in things that are kept from happening. Some miracles are provided in response to prayer and others are delivered before we could even think of asking for them. Many of the experiences, opportunities, and people in your life are miracles from God provided just because he loves you. When you believe in miracles and expect to see them you will find that your life reflects exactly that. Your life is a miracle. Don't let another day go by without recognizing that and praising God for the miraculous things he has done and continues to do for you.

    You may have been seeing your life through eyes that lacked faith and didn't believe in or appreciate God's miracles. Now you know miracles are there - so open your eyes and heart to them everyday. - Gail Lindsay

    "And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith". Matthew 13:58
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    i am often up at 3am because i cant sleep and i see the sun coming up. two mornings ago it was the most beautiful sunrise i have even seen, there was an orange glow and i just had to go outside and soak up the atmosphere for 10 mons or more. it was a gift from God, another miracle.

    there are lots more things that i would call a miracle.

    the love of my family

    my little grandaughter

    a day or a few minutes without pain.

    having a clean house occasionally

    being able to cook my hubby a special meal

    the miracle that God sent us his only Son.

    and many many more

    i am so gratefull for His love and i rejoice every minute

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    Hi Danny,
    I needed that reminder today!
    Thanks, Monkeykat
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    I believe that all of us, every day of our lives are touched by miracles here and there. Its just that we are so caught up in day to day life, struggles and routines that we tend to forget to "stop and smell the roses...". As for me I make the effort to do this. Only because sometimes its the only thing that can keep me going especially when my illness is real bad and my mental status is at its lowest.

    Every morning when I open my eyes and glance out the window and know that I am still here, breathing, heart beating and still alive...THAT is a miracle...

    Every day that I arrive safely to work and am able to get thru another day at my job...THAT is a miracle...

    Every day that my children/step-children come home safe and sound from school...THAT is a miracle...

    Every night when I can cook a meal and feed all of us and to relaize that, although we struggle financially, we are able to buy food, feed the children. clothe them and maintian a roof over all of our heads...THAT is a miracle...

    At night, when I am extremely exhausted from the day, in agonizing pain and on my last thread of patience, when I am able to tuck four little heads in their beds, kiss them good night, say I love you one more time and know they are home safe and sound...THAT is a miracle....

    And when I can finally pour myself into my bed, reflect on the days events, have the opprotunity to call my hubby at work and tell him I love him one more time before I close my eyes... THAT is a miracle.

    Every late evening at midnight, when my hubby arrives home safe and sound from his job, and in tact, and he got thru another day seizure-free..THAT is a miracle...

    Ya know, sometimes I wish for HUGE changes in my life, like more money, winning the lottery or something incredble to happen just to SEE a miracle...but when I am at my lowest, I stop and realize that if I REALLY put ymy mind to it, I can truly see that every day is a miracle in itself.

    (Of course, winning the lottery wouldnt be such a terrible thing though right????LOL! Only kidding!).

  5. another_painful_day

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    Because of your POst and the fact that I was able to respond to it, I just realized so much that I needed to remind myself of...

    I was crying today to my mom...Im overwhelmed and feeling crappy... Im also mopey and angry about the money issues here... I just realized that its really not THAT important (Money that is). God provides for us...he always has and he always will....

    so, THANK YOU DANNY!!!!