i believed i have thrush

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    I was advised to gaggle with lasterine, i used blue lasterine, after i spit out the blue lasterine, part of my tongue remained blue, along with my inside cheeks, and my inside of my bottom lip, can anyone help me and explain, this........thanks for any words on this.
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    the blue color is probably nothing to worry about - just a stain from the color used in the listerine, but the white stuff on your tongue you mentioned in another post, and the problems you have had with candida, and the cake that you ate for a week, etc all lead me to believe that it is very likely that you do have thrush (since thrush is just another form that candida yeast can show up as).....treating that usually involves something like a prescription for Nystatin, probiotics, and cutting way back on things that can feed yeast (like grains, most cheeses, alcohol, mushrooms, etc).....some of these treatments can cause some of their own problems for some people, but many people tolerate them quite well, and getting rid of the yeast will probably help you to feel substantially better
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    i am using nystatin, most of the time with the probiotics in the refrig. I mostly keep forgetting that they are part of the regiment. 2009 is not a good year at all for me, I have chronic fatigue syndrome since 1995, left a good job, and now im receiving SSI, I couldnt get my SSID, Because, some where along those years I tried working, and that is where they started me from, I work a couple weeks and quit, and they say i didnt put in enough time on the job to be in title to the big one, so i was favored in 2007 for SSI.then i tried my pension, I called the state told the girl how to go about returning my pension, she said to me this is not social security, and hang up on me, i was floored. i took my little friend, ambien, im getting sleepy,
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    The blue is just a coloring and I'm sure it's OK. I have used the regular and the orange Listerine and I have one now that is really yucky which has peroxide in it.

    I suggested Listerine because you have already been on the antifungal and my 85 year old mother developed a thrush infection and my sister developed a thrush infection after using Levoquin and both were told by different doctors to gargle with Listerine and it worked out OK. I have never used Listerine for that purpose but it can't hurt to try.

    CFS is a bummer.