I bought a mobility scooter

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by kellyann, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. kellyann

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    Hi everyone,
    I found a neat little mobility scooter and bought it today.
    It comes apart into 3 pieces. Even so, I doubt that I could put it together by myself. But I will now be able to go to the fleamarkets sometimes, and there is a giant antique mall down the street that I like going to that I haven't been to in over a year . I think nice to be more mobile, but I know it will take getting used to people staring at me.

    I have hardly been out of my house the past two years. I hurt too bad to walk very far,my knees absolutely kill me. I am hoping this will give me a little more freedom.

    Oh, I can just see me riding my scooter up to chruch service in the morning, I'm sure they won't care as long as I am there! I have missed so much church that it just breaks my heart.

    But my son,David, who I've had a great deal of trouble with, thoses of you that have read my story of my Grandbaby Kaylie will be familiar with, anyway he tells me he is now saved, was saved while in jail and wants to go to church with me and be rebaptisted. I think it is wonderful if it lasts. If he can stay clean and away from drugs and the types of people who provided him the oppurtinity to do drugs. I have always told him that "It's all in the company you keep!" Which is the truth.

    I am just so excited about my scooter. It's a pride mobility scooter, metalic blue with a gray seat. I do need to buy some shopping baskets, haha!

    Just wanted to share my good news, I pray for you all daily!

    Jesus loves you all and so do I!
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    Great news that you got a scooter and that your son has been saved! It seems like just a few days ago that you were having so much trouble with him. I will pray that he will stay away from drugs and stay in church!!

    Have fun with that scooter!!!

  3. kellyann

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    The scooter is great....has a lot of power for such a little scooter.

    Yeah, my son is doing great so far. As long as he leaves that girlfriend of his alone. Her mother won't let him come around their house, so that is a good thing.