I bought a new mattress topper

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by eeyoreblue02, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. eeyoreblue02

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    I know many of you have been asking questions about mattresses and toppers. I recently made a purchase based partly on $$$ and partly on what I felt I needed to help me sleep.

    I bought a Viscolux mattress topper. It is sold by Carpenter. I went on their website and it was $140 for the queen size. I went on BrylaneHome.com and it was listed for $70-something. They gave me 30% off of that and deferred payment for 90 days. I can return it within the 90 days for a full refund and I can return it after the 90 days for a store credit. I thought, why not? My total cost including shipping was a bit over $60. I thought that was an excellent deal.

    We've been sleeping on it over a week now and are completely happy. I have slept so much better. I had worried about it sliding off the bed, but that has not been a problem. It has stayed in one spot. It's hard for me to explain, but it has different areas for different pressure points. If you are familiar with the TempurPedic mattress, it is made from the same material, but it is not smooth on top like the TempurPedic.

    I do need to get some fitted sheets with deep corners. Other than that, it's worked great. Hubby likes it too. Even the cats are taking notice!

    Now, does anyone have any suggestions about pillows? I've been using downfilled pillows, but sometimes my neck hurts when I wake up.

  2. Tmprincess

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    I got a nice contoured pillow at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $30.... i bought and returned many a pillows before settling on this one! Some quit cheaper, and some quit at bit more expensive!!

    It has really helped my neck pain/stiffness in the mornings... also relieves some of the pressure from my shoulder when i'm sleeping on my side to since it is so firm.

    Glad you are getting more rest these days... so important!

  3. lovethesun

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    I even roll it up and take it with mr wherever I sleep,Linda
  4. lorreannhopkins

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    I have tried every kind of pillow known to man and my family joked me about "my pillow grave yard"- all the pillows that got tossed after a couple of weeks because they went flat, hurt my neck, etc. Without a good pillow I'm in terrible pain. Anyway, I finally tried a water pillow called -"Chiro-Flow" or "Medi-Flow" (one was purchased through my chiropracter and the other I ordered online-they are both the same pillow). The bottom layer of the pillow is filled with water according to my preference of firmness and the top is a soft "stuffing" type pillow. Because of the water my pillow has never lost it's support and the top cradles my neck while the water conforms to my movements while I sleep. I can adjust the water firmness according to my needs at the time. It's reasonably priced for a therapeutic pillow-I paid $39.00. If you can't find a Chiropractor that sells it I'm sure you can still find it online by doing a search with the name. I hope this info helps!
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  5. eeyoreblue02

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    TM, I'm also a side sleeper. Is your pillow made of the memory foam type material?

    Lorreann, I wonder if my cat would cause the pillow to spring a leak! LOL

    Thanks again, girls. I used to think my down pillow was great. It really hasn't gone flat, but it doesn't seem to work for me like it used to. There are so many options. I had never even heard of a water pillow. That's new to me.


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