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  1. Cromwell

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    Question: Had gyne last week and since then have developed pain in left side abdomen and a little towards lower back. Gyne found red cells in urine. I was feeling OK at time of test. I think having gyne brought this on.

    I am seeing the urologist tomorrow but as I now seem to have full blown IC, feeling as if I want to go, etc. I decided to do OTC meds till tomorrow.

    I just took some Uristat as I cannot stand this. Am drinking lots of water. But feel awful. I slept poorly last night but feel shivery and am getting numb finger just writing a short note(pen finger). Is this unusual?

    I know many people here get IC and I have had HX of it in past.

    Any advice most welcomed. Love Anne C
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    Back up for cromwell~

    Although I suspect IC for myself I have'nt been DX so I'm not sure if I'd be a good person to listen too. :)
    But whenever my bladder stuff acts up,..I do pee all the time. And worse yet,..I feel like I hafta pee real bad even when I only have a tiny bit in my bladder.
    My lower belly will be very/extremely tender!
    I have also been known to have Blood in my urine on many occasions.
    I also need to move fast as my bladder can't hold it in very well.
    Is it anytime around your monthly? sometimes when I have Gyno procedures done around the time of my period I'll get worse after. Its kinda like they stir things up in there.
    I have Endometriosis too. And with that,..a person does get pain after any kind of exam. Very painful periods and bad IBS flares,PMS,etc.
    Hope this helps some~
    Feel better,
  3. tandy

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    Thats alot of great info on IC
    I apreciate it!

    Toooooooooo many foods on that list!
    wow! what the heck do ya eat!??
    I'd be a peanut. lol

    Is IC Dx with a cystoscope? if so,
    any easier way to DX it?

    Thanks again
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    I saw your other post and am so glad your ok. How scary for you. Sending prayers up for you that all turns out ok for you. I just got diagnosed with IC a few weeks ago. Tommorrw I have to go for a bladder scope/distention. I`ll be thinking about you.

    Amanda, thank you for the list. It will help me out too.


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    Theres 2 ways to dx this-- cystoscopy/hydrodistention you have to be put to sleep for this-- it is an out-patient procedure. (cystoscopy alone will not do) also there is an Potassium Sensitivity Test (I don't know what that is). I was dx with the Cysto/hydro. One of my therapies is an hydro which I have done about every 6-8 months. I have had IC for almost 16 years.
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    lOVE aNNE c
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    I can't remember the medical term for it but it does happen in some people.Ihave blood in my urine from time to time,so does my mom and sister.It is never visible.But I also don't have signs of infection.

    I hope that you don't have IC.Looks like you have gotten some good advice so far.I just wanted to let you know my exsperince with blood in my urine.

    I hope everything is ok.I am sure it will.

  8. Cromwell

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    This is an old post from February that somehow got back up. Thanks for your concern but this is all over with months ago. Just have the darn stiffness and aches now (LOL)

    Love Anne Cromwell