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    the lady at the lab, said it will be months before she reach to my name on the waiting list, but if i don't hear from them in 6 weeks, to give them a call. she said the waiting list is very long, and they started taking people about three weeks ago.. she told me there are 2 test PCR for 400.dollars and the virus culture latent for 500.dollars, but, you can get both for 650.00

    she instruct me that when i get the kit, (god knows when), i must take it to my doctor, this dr knows a little about chronic fatigue syndrom, he works woith Dr T. He is always willing to do anything you askled of him, after he does his part, by signing or somethiing like that, i then have to take it to the lab for blood drawn.
    i must either use a credit card or money order to cover the test, i which he did blood work in his office. DOES anyone knows if quest diagnostic will do this test.

    second option, i have a pcp dr that does blood work, in her office, she did the test for ebv, which show high, she does blood work at her office, my stomach tells me go to the other dr, i will try her first and if she refuses i will go to the other doctor at least i have options.
    but whom ever does the test, they will have to send the kit off, and they will get the results.
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    Almost didn't see you post...duh!

    No, Quest does not have the test. The VIP is the one to use.

    It sure is expensive. I have not put my name on the list yet.

    I'm glad you have someone that will do "what you ask". I am in the same boat. They don't understand CFS but do believe that I am sick and try to help with what I ask.


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