I can confirm -- You're not lazy -- Life is a Joy!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elastigirl, Nov 14, 2005.

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    I have to say thank goodness for this board. If I had not joined the board when I did, I would not have had a long talk with my dad about my illness (sadly, I was embarrassed and humiliated by my diagnosis of FM), the man who is helping support me and my son.

    If I had not had this talk with my dad, he would not have helped me find a combination of supplements that helped me feel well again.

    I'm so glad he's helped me find a supplement that was the icing on the cake of supplements/medications I was already taking. Because of him, I'm now having many "well" days and much less fatigue.

    To get to the point, I know I'm not lazy. Instead of thinking, "What do I ~have~ to get done today -- just to survive?" I'm now thinking, "What do I ~get~ to do with this wonderful day?" Even laundry and cooking have become a joy again.

    So, NO! You're not lazy. If you are lucky enough to find something that helps your symptoms go into remission, you will find yourself picking up the things you lost along the way. Your old hobbies, your old strength, your old cleanliness, your old cooking skills, your old social habits. They all come back, little by little, and you can rejoin the "living" as they say.

    NO! You're not lazy. Take care of yourself. Keep seeking a cure. But don't give up hope. Maybe you will get your former life back someday. And when you do, everyone will be able to see for themselves -- you were not LYING, and you were not LAZY.

    Hugs everyone :).


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