I can hardly stand it anymore...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by catmom50, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. catmom50

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    I was diagnosed with Fibro about 1 1/2 years ago.
    3 months ago, I started with pain in my right knee. After a while I went to the Orthopedic to see what's up. He xrayed and said nothing shows. Probably just my FM (JUST??)
    Let me back up a bit. My doctor I was seeing for the Fibro moved to another area. So I was left with family doctor and orthos.
    Anyway, the pain went on and on in the right knee, then started in left knee radiating down the leg and ankle. This has been getting worse for over a month now. When I try to stand it hurts sooo bad and I can hardly walk.
    I was sick in bed with the stomach virus for 24 hours and my legs actually felt pretty good when I was first up after that. But it hasn't taken long to get back to the real pain. I am at wits end.
    I'm trying to get my flower beds cleaned out for end of season, but almost croak from the pain.
    Oh, I tried Lyrica samples for about a month or 2 and really felt pretty good, but had to stop as insurance wouldn't pay unless I tried Neurontin first. So off the Lyrica and on the Neuorontin I went. That's been 3 weeks ago. I also take darvocet. I feel I have gotten worse the past month. So not sure if it is the neurontin not working or just me.
    I made another appointment with an ortho this week. Hopefully he will have something to say. I'm afraid one of these doctor's will finally tell me I'm too fat. I've gained so much since having this DD.
    Just needed to vent. Thanks for your time.

  2. jumpingypsy

    jumpingypsy New Member

    Fine thing for me to say! I came here looking for input and start out by giving it. I was diagnosed with fibro about 6 years ago, positive at all 18 test points. At the time the only thing I knew about fibromyalgia is that it starts with the letter "f". Well, all this time later and I have some great docs around me, but there's nothing can be done to make the pain go away. One thing struck me as odd though, you seem to be saying that the pain is constant and always there, and that hasn't been my experience. I have pain, all over the "old" body, but none of it is constant and all of the time. It isn't picky, it hits me here one day and there another. Some will stay around for a few days or weeks, but a lot of the time it's pain here, then there, then seemingly everywhere. It sometimes comes on rapidly, and ocassionally goes away just as quickly, and some mornings when I wake up I think "Oh please tell me I don't have to move to get out of bed!" . And there are times of "flares", times when for days I can hardly function, like having to use both hands to pick up my coffee cup. What you say makes be think you should "hound" a couple of docs and get them to look a little closer. I had a bad experience with a herniated thoracic disc....docs xrayed it over 25 years with nothing showing, then out of the blue one doc I had never seen before ordered an mri, and there it was, very obviously a herniation. Since it had been there so long it had calcified, so unfortunately I got some but not complete relief from surgery. Soooo... find someone who will look at your knees with a new perspective and see if it isn't something else in there bothering you. Good luck!
  3. catmom50

    catmom50 New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I am also concerned about the leg pains I have suffered with constant for 2-3 months now. I think it is more than Fibro., as I usually get Fibro pain here there and everywhere for a day or so, then it moves on. this hasn't moved on. It's both legs. I got an appt with a different Ortho in 2 days, so we will see.

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