I cannot seem to get the b-complex injectable

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    I have the b-12 and I inject every other day but the pharmacist here in my town tells me the b-complex is no longer available as an injectable. Can someone tell me who has this what exactly does it say on you vial of b-complex so we know what to order????

    Thanks in advance!


    I wanna try that together, sounds like that is the ticket!!!
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    Love, Mikie
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    hmm thats interesting..
    i know my mom keeps a vile in fridge of B-12...
    so you are saying the pharmacist said they are coming out with a B complex shot instead??
    from what i understand Bs should be taken together anyways..
    i am not sure if that means they arent as readily absorbed or used if administered alone or not..

    and call u tell me also if these shots have helped you in any way and how so..

    over the years many have suggested i get B-12 shots.
    i have gotten them...maybe at the most twice in a row, but individually they have never done a thing for me..
    maybe its a long term thing but id think id have gotten benefit right away from them if they are to do good..
    i know when i take B complex from shaklee, within 10 minutes my mind is clear and i have energy..

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    Hi Gang----I'm new here so HELLO everyone.

    I have to take B-12 injections for the rest of my life due to PERNICIOUS ANEMIA so it's not by choice. Years ago i took B-complex . I asked a pharmasist lately about it and he said FDA had pulled a lot of drugs that were complex(meaning that many were mixed into one). It had caused some problems somehow.

    But hey---if someone knows about B-complex out there somewhere let me know. I sure would like to take that instead. One question. Is it injectable. Has to be for me because this anemia means that I have an absorption problem so I MUST take it in shot form into the muscle.

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    I have been taking B12 injections for quite a few months now at home 1/2cc every other day.
    I have had two B-Complex injections at my Docs to check for abnormal reaction (B Complex has a higher incidence than B-12, so I was told I must trial test it at Docs before I could self administer B Complex injections at home). You are seeing Madwolf, right? I would advise a few trial runs in the office, as anaphylactic shock has been known to occur in a few individuals.

    I should be getting my B Complex to bring home for injections, next trip to the Docs, and I can certainly give you the info on it then.
    Currently I get my B 12 vials from Doc and expect the B Complex will be the same. He does not mark up any of my vitamins or supps up, so I get them from him, same as retail price-- I can find out for you, where the B Complex is available though.

    The combination of B12 and BComplex injections are great, and especially in those, like myself, necessary due to malabsorption, from past Candida overgrowth/Leaky Gut Syndrome/IBS and damage to gut.

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    VITAMIN B1 + B6 + B12
    1X Citoneurin 1000 Injectable - 1240090

    3 Amps of 3ml. Manufacturer: Merck.

    Each amp contains:
    Vitamin B1 100 mg,
    Vitamin B6 100 mg,
    Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamine) 1000 mcg.

    (Up to 8 packs per shipping package.)


    if so i can either email the link to you or you can try doing a search-Pharmacy network? then look up vitamins, ect ect. If I email you I can put the exact link to that page. let me know, I dont want to put me email up here b/c pep were saying something about spam. I also have yahoo messenger, maybe i can give it to you that way. My sn on there is MizmeL1971 or just use this email, MizmeL1971@yahoo.com-I dont check this as often, but I will if I know you will be responding. hope this helps!!

    Sickchik :)