I can't believe what my husband of 33yrs xwife just said

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by momof27, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. momof27

    momof27 New Member

    my husbands x-wife just told my husbands son if he gets tired of a wife with a dd she will try for him again.

    woooooo that hurt, we have 27 children and have been married 33yrs she is thin I am getting fatter all the time
    I can't even hardly move and now this.

    I have been in tears not that, that is his wishes but to know she wants me gone.

    I have me/cfs ,fm just the stress I didn't need right now in the middle of the worst flare ever and I fell the other day and can't hardly move, I could use some hugs.
  2. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    That's pretty pathetic of her. Ignore it.
  3. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    what a horrible thing to have to hear, we struggle enough with our confidence, when we have the extra weight to deal with on top of that...its really tough to feel great about yourself. I struggle with confidence issues myself.

    Personally I'd tell her that you heard about her comment...and that she can kiss your a**, she wouldn't be an "X" if he wanted her the first time. I know thats not a christian attitude but come on!!

    Anyway...I am sending gentle hugs your way and I hope you are feeling a bit better soon:)

  4. poets

    poets Member

    That has to have hurt. And I agree that it was a pathetic thing for her to say, and it only makes her look bad. Still, I know how it is to feel inferior (not that we are) but when you gain weight and get to where you can barely function from day to day, it doesn't help with your self-esteem.

    I can tell from your posts that you're a wonderful person, and I'm sure your husband sees that. If he had wanted her, he'd still be with her! Hope you soon feel better. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love and gentle hugs,
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  5. momof27

    momof27 New Member

    my husband is the saint he allows me to follow my dreams with adopting kids and that is where my joy comes from. I wonder if she would want the life we have.

    her world is about money. ours is about being a servant and love.
  6. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    she needs help mentally and in her heart too.
  7. floridagrl

    floridagrl New Member

    She is very pathetic to be after a married man in the first place. This attitude is probably why she is an ex. Your hubby loves u and has been with u many years and that counts for more than anything. Whats even worse is that she would say something like that to her son as well. Hopefully he is like his dad.
  8. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Turn that around...don't let that make you feel badly!
    She's jealous. Take it as she wants something you have.
    That wouldn't make me cry - that would make me say "too bad for her".
    Unless somewhere you're feeling threatened, you have nothing to worry about. Sometimes we need a little shake up to make us reconnect with our husbands. Sometimes I'll have a dream where he's not here or something and then when I wake up, I'm madly in love with him again. He loves it. LOL. Don't sound insecure to him, but tell him you love him and how happy you are with him.
    Remember, if you change your thoughts about things, you can change your feelings.
  9. jaded_lady

    jaded_lady New Member

    Likely not. She must be getting low in the dating game.

    She is just being a b*&^%

    But its funny. He has 27 kids, must women aren't very accepting of 1 or 2 kids that are not hers. 27 and with health problems? She is a nutcase

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