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    I suffer from FM. I have been in pain for years. I lost faith in medical help after two doctors pretty much told me the same thing: "I think you have something called fibromyalgia but theres no treatment and many doctors dont believe it exists." One doctor told me it might be a mental illness. Needless to say I struck off on my own and pursued avenues of alternative medicine. Along the way somethings helped and some didnt but still I suffer daily pain and flareups that come several times a year that leave me exhausted, in deep pain and even deeper depression. I recently noticed that the medical world seems to be getting some clues on the reality of CFS/FMS and developing treatments for it. Is it worth trying modern medicine again? If so then how do I find a Doctor who has the expertise to really treat me? I live in the Fingerlakes region of N.Y.S between Geneva and Ithaca. Id be very grateful for your thoughts. monkirei
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    Greetings from Kansas monkirei!!
    Finding this board will give you a place for research on this nasty disease along with all the support you can handle!

    Can't help you find a doc in your area but would like to welcome you to this board. I have found so much information here about fibro. I am still in the process of finding the right meds that will help me since it seems that with fibro meds affect everyone differently.

    My doc has given me elavil and lexapro to try to get me much needed deep sleep which will allow my muscles to rest and heal.

    Just know that you are not alone in this world of pain from fibro.

    ((((((HUGS))))) lynnkat
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    I can relate on giving up on traditional medicine. I can say that medicine has eased many of my symptoms. My sleep is much better most of the time now. I am told that I have FMS and I also have positive labs that support MS, Lupus and other autoimmune diseases. Who knows what I have?? I did give up on specialists early on.

    My family doctor treats my chronic persistant pain condition and my thyroid disease. She also prescribes medications that are pretty universal for MS, Lupus, FMS and more. Elavil has been a Godsend for sleep and reducing other symptoms.

    I hope you find some help and that you don't feel so alone with your symptoms. This is a great place.

    Take care,
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    for more support

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    So sorry you are having such a hard time. I understand your fraustration. Since you are new, you need to know about ways to get info. First, start another post with "Fingerlakes region, Ny need good doc". That should draw responses from people in that area. Another way to find a doc here is the doctor referral button up top.

    Hope you are able to find someone to help. -Karen
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    Can not help for that area. You are not alone with your feelings. I have been told I have so many diff. diseases I do not know what to believe anymore.

    The amount of money whether conventional or herbal,vit. I have said before would have loved the trips I could have taken. I have spent too much on Not getting better.

    Have just gotten to the point to try to get by the best way I know till I see more positive answers for a poss. cure.

    Been in many test studies,treatments,eastern,western can`t say I is better than the other in long run. If I had the money now I know how I would spend it for myself, to keep myself in the best comfort poss.

    Go to 1 doc tells you 1 thing, go to another it could be totally diff. They are all guessing like ourselves.
    Just have to find what works best for you and stick with it till we hopefully 1 day have more real proof and answers.

    Saw 100`s of fmers at clinic never no matter what they tried stay well. Maybe better for short time, then back again. Unless caught in first 2 yrs. Then have seen people do alittle better with immediate care and treatment.

    Just do the best you can each day that helps you.

    Good Luck!