I cant get a doctor to prescribe anything without side effects

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by trishabeth, Jan 19, 2006.

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    I need some help. I think I have had fibro for years. through the 90's the doc.'s kept wanting to give me anti depressants. I cant tolerate any of them but I tried. They make me depressed and anxious. I finally went to a pain dr. 2 days ago, and he gave me Edotolac and it did the same thing! how could this be! It is supposed to be like a strong ibuprofen. I went off all meds 2 years ago and had been feeling much better- except for the pain, and I decided to give it another shot- I told them absolutely under no circumstances give me antidepressants. So now I guess there are other drugs that affect me this way.
    So far I have found 1 drug over the years that have no side effects at all and that is hydrocodone. I explained this to them and they dont give it to me. pain and anxiety completely disappears. And anxiety STAYS gone for weeks even if I go off the drug. can someone explain this to me?
    My theory is, is that my pain keeps me running on adrenelin all the time and when my pain stops, it makes all the side effects (from antidepressants) i have accumulated over the years- go away. Then the only thing that reoccurs is the pain. Then if I take what th dr.s want me to take after that, I have to deal with pain AND adrenelin, and anxiety and depression all over again- Its enough to make a person really think they are crazy. HOW do I get the dr.s to treat me correctly? Does anyone know of a doctor that knows any thing somewhere in IOWA?
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    Anytime you tell docs that "A" is all that helps and that "A" just happens to be a narcotic you are immedialty labled as a drug seeker...

    It is very sad but very true.

    Not to mention ALL meds have side effects...some so mild you don't notice. but they are in some way affecting you in an adverse way...meds are a catch 22...they may make you feel better or your symptoms improve but in some way you are paying for that improvement.

    I have found and seen (as a nurse) that doc do not respond welll to you giving them a list of meds that don't work and then saying that only "A" dose. The only counterstrick I have found is to appease them some. If they want you to try a med, even one you have tried b4, insist on generic, but don't necessarily fill it and then report side effects at the next appointment. I know this is the long way around but it is the only thing I've found to work (**most/some..nothing is guarented ya know) when docs want you to try stuff or stay off narcotics.

    you might also list meds you have tried b4 and disliked for whatever reason as an allery on your records.

    I know I'm not much help...I do feel for you and hope that you will soon find a doc to help you...I know my road has been long, bumpy and hard on my ass...hehe

    Love and Hugs

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