I can't seem to stop crying today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LauraLea, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. LauraLea

    LauraLea New Member

    I am having some money issues right now which I have had in the past, but I am in the funk. Every time someone says boo I start crying....

    I feel like I need to get my life back on track. I feel like I'm taking one step forward and two step back. I'm going no where fast.

    Every feel like that???? This is probably a silly question I bet alot of you guys feel like this...

    Maybe I'm PMSing
  2. Julygal

    Julygal New Member

    Sandy, I'm so sorry you're having one of those awful days, & can truly empathize. Yesterday was my horrendous day. Maybe I can make you laugh by telling you about it. I had an appt. with a new gyn dr.;I couldn't find her office; I didn't have her phone no.(I ALWAYS write the no. down!); I was 20 mins. late; the FMS/CFS, etc. was so awful that I had trouble filling out the forms to be seen by the doctor! (Severe fibrofog!) And last but NOT least, I thought I had lost a print-out that was never given to me in the first place!Ha! As badly as I felt, I went through my car, my purse, my "organizer" book & couldn't find that paper. Oh boy! I was a basket case, in more ways than one.It was NOT funny yesterday but today I've been laughing every time I think of the whole scenario.
    When we're at the bottom it's difficult to even THINK about having a sense of humor...but it sure helps at some point.But most importantly I pray every day for strength to make it through. And you know what?...it's still very difficult, so believe me when I say I understand!
    I care, & I'm remembering you in prayer. Hope you'll remember me, too.
    God bless,
  3. pinkquartz

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    hi lauralea i hope you are feeling better . i'm also very down today i feel i'm going around and around nowhere. i also have a lot of money issues and today i can't help wishing my life was not so hard.
    i always try to be glad of every little thing i can be glad of but today i wish i had money and i wish i wasn't this ill. so i could look after myself and work and be fun and just everything. maybe its just not possible not to have days like this ! after all wouldn't i be wierd if i liked it this way ?
  4. Lendi

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    I know how it is to feel as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But, if you look very closely, you will see a glimmer. Hang in there. I know I go through the "why me" and I haven't figured it out yet, but I guess it doesn't really matter anyway. And, I wouldn't have met some terrific people on this board if not for CFS/FM. Hoping tomorrow will be a much better day.
  5. auntiesage

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    I had an appointment with my SSI advisor yesterday and hve been crying every since...it's the loss of my ablility to think and function.. one thing I do when I'm really down is get out my journal and write down things I'm grateful for, such as my husband staying with me, having a house, food ,etc.
    Then I write down happy memories, maybe from my childhood, college days, first dates, dances, births of neices and nephews (i wasn't blessed with children. Sometimes this helps alot. I wish I could bring myself to call someone, but Ifeel like a burden and I a hard time talking about my illness without crying. God bless you and I hope you have a better day today.(hope I do,too)
  6. pamela

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    I know exactly how you feel. Money issues are the worst..among our own medical issues. I have been going through that type of thing for the last 3 years but finally its better!! Just take a look at what you have. Is there any changes you could do in your life that may help? Maybe a better job..I read your post about your employer with the bad paycheck. I have been there. My mom bailed me out of that one. I would suggest getting another job because usually bosses with $$$ problems will do it again. Not intentionalyy but it can happen. Also go to the bank that the check is written on and cash it. Make sure you have your drivers license too or they won't cash it. I wish I could help you. If I had more money I would. But I don't so all I can say is to suggest to a friend or relative that may can chip in and loan you the $$$$, OR try a small personal loan at the bank!!! Yeah...see if you could get a personal loan at the bank and work it out on a small payment program. Hope I helped...Lots of Love and Prayers....Pamela
  7. layinglow

    layinglow New Member

    I am so sorry you are blue! It seems most of us go through this. Usually it is a culmination of stresses, added to these already distressing disorders. These disorders wreck havoc in all areas of our lives; personal, financial, career....nothing seems untouched.
    I, too have days, when it all seems so overwhelming. If one looks at the big picture, it can make you want to stick your head in the sand. I try to keep a list going---with main areas, relationships, health, personal, finances. Under these main headings I keep (as Sandy referred too) small baby steps....those individual things I can do to improve each major heading. It makes it so less overwhelming to me, to have the brood picture put into categories, and then the small steps I can accomplish to improve each one. It may take me a day or even a week on some to get the task completed. It is a sense of accomplishment though, each time I can cross through an entry, knowing that I have made progress, on correcting one of my "big" issues. Sure helps one to feel as if they are taking forward steps, if you have them, there in front of you, crossed out to remind you, you are really making progress.
    Wishing you the best.