"I can't stand this pain"

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  1. LindaW

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    I have had fm for about 8years, but the pain that I am having now, I feel like I am going to lose my mind. My neck and\spine feel awful. For the last two weeks I feel like my spine is going to crack.{years ago I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis} Is there anything for this releif? It has been a very cold New England winter. I feel like I am losingmy mind- every part of me is throbbing. I really don't know if I want to live the rest of my life like this. I"m so grateful to be able to vent. I just keep it all in because I know there is nothing my family can do.(but I really feel like I am at my wits end}
    Thanks for letting me vent!
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    i know what ya mean. Most of the time I can't wait for God to take me out of my misery. I take pain pills and muscle relaxers and effexor everyday to help with the pain. Shirl has a great recipe for a nice warm bath. She'll be along later on and hopefully she will reply to this post and share her secret. I know it has to do with hydrogen peroxide and epsom salt. Wish I could try it but I know if I attempt to sit in a tub there is no way I will be able to get out thats why I stick to showers. Good luck and I am sure there will be others here later to give you some advice.
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    ~~~It really is nice to be able to come here and "talk" out our frustrations and problems! I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I have FM too,CMP, and cerv.& low lumbar disc disease(that is killing me now, as I sit!), and I don't have the adequate pain med.that I'd like. About 2 wks. ago I sat in the ER waiting in tears for pain RELIEF and after 2 1/2 hrs got NONE! I cried & cried on the way home. But after my anger subsided, I got in a hot tub, tried to relax my Oh So Tight muscles, and had my husband give me "something" like a neck-rub. Then I found I could fall right to sleep. My anger still exists...like- why no relief?...why,of all the things I could get-why Pain?...Look what it's doing to my kids..and the questions flow!
    So, anyway, don't keep it in- Vent! We love you, and can empathize. Man, New England Winters must be the Pits!! Please bundle up and keep yourself WARM!! Being cold or being tense will intensify your pain. Do something soothing & relaxing...Hot tea...Bubble Bath...Heating Blanket! Put on your most relaxing music...
    Come back and share with us anytime, we are all here for each other!
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    hi Linda,

    i have been having neck and shoulder pain for thelast 3 weeks, it was not as severe as yours but pretty bad anyway.
    painkillers did not help at all.
    i also had a "stretched" feeling as if something was pulling my shoulders apart. i've started at a new pain clinic where they do accupuncture in the ears. i had it for the first time 4 days ago, and it really made the pain & strechting dissapear!! it took a few hours to take effect, and i only had the needles in for a quarter of an hour.by the evening i was feeling alot more relaxed and no pain.

    i don't know if this could help you (or maybe you've already tried it?)but it might ...

    hope you feel better really soon,
    soft hugs

  5. bubblegum

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    I guess it was the wee hours of the morning that let this trick slip by without telling you. my physical therapist told me to do this years ago and I still do to relieve that excrutiating pain that the pills don't seem to affect. Take a can of drained peas and put them in a zip lock baggie in the freezer. Once they are frozen they work great by alternating every 20 minutes a heating pad then the peas. There is something about the cold and hot that relieves the spasm and pain. The peas work great to relieve a headache if you place the bag at the base of the head while you laydown. Good luck
  6. LindaW

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    thanks for the hugs-I really needed them
  7. kredca4

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    It's the pits when youcan't get Help for your Pain.
    I see others have given you some good Tips, we need to do other things, beside's/along with our meds.
    Believe it or not but some light excerise, followed by a Hot but not to Hot of a shower, really helps with the aches and pain's, I am Blessed with Pain med's, but they don't always get it, so I have found that Shower's, excerise, I'm talking about Range of motion type excerise, nothing vigorious, a massage is really great, get an electronic one if you can't afford a Reg. Massage Theraphist. Some can be outragous, but it feels sooooooo, good.

    I used the Flexrall, over the counter Ointment/creme for body and muscle aches, it helps, and also when I couldn't get med's, I took Tyleonl PM's, they helped me to sleep which in turn's does help relieve the Pain. Some, they probably won't make it go away, but hopefully, it'll helps ease it.

    I also have SS Spinal Stenosis, I have had the C7 operated on and now the C4&5 are acting up, but I'm putting off any more surgries, I don't do well with them.

    Oh forgot I, love a Moist Hot Washcloth, or handtowel, I knute it for 1 and a half mins in the Micro, first, wet it with Hot water, then when it's nuked, wrap it again in a towel, and then place on the neck/shoulder area, and that really gets the muscles relaxed. You'll need to wrap the towel a few times to adjust it to the temp you can stand without burning the skin. You'll get it I'm sure. ;o) I some times do this before I go to sleep, I put a dry towel on the floor so when the hot towel/cloth cool's I just toss them on the floor, I don't move or get up, that just makes the muscles work and I don't want them too, for at least a few hours.

    Hope you feel better, what kind of Dr are you seeing, you need to check out some of the sites about our Rights to Pain Treatment. If your interested, I'll post some Clues for you tomorrow, lol, we can't give URL'S out, but we can sure drop hints.

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  8. catgal

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    Hi Linda~~I read your post and know just how you feel. I have had FM/CFS for over 35 years, but last year was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease and multiple back problems. I also have severe asthma/allergies, IBS, osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis, and a couple of weeks ago was diagnosed with nerve damage from the top of my neck, down my spine & legs, to my feet.

    Last year when my back problems surfaced, I was in so much pain I thought I was going to lose my mind. Plus, I had to work as I am my sole financial support. I work part-time 3 days a week, have no insurance, no benefits. I went to this M.D. that ordered an MRI which showed the damage to my back and was then referred to an arrogant Orthopedist who told me I had a very bad back, was just going to have to live with it, and gave me celebrex which was worthless. When I told him I also had FM--he laughed right in my face and told me that FM was a label put on "neurotics".

    As the weeks passed, I was in excruiating pain. But, if I didn't work--I didn't get paid. Between clients or at noon, I would go into the bathroom and cry because I hurt so bad. I did everything I knew to do for myself--took long medicinal & aromatherapy soaks in the tub; tried every OTC ointment I could find to rub my back with; alternated hot & cold packs; rearranged my bedding so it was more supportive for my back; read books and tried to educate myself about my back problems (just like I did with the FM/CFS); rested as much as possible while my home and everything else went to hell; got massages when I could afford it, and tried various vitamins & herbs--but got no relief.

    The pain got so intense that when I was home--I would just curl up in the fetal position and cry, and cry, and cry. I couldn't understand why any doctor would allow anyone to suffer so badly. It got to the point I felt angry, hurt, helpless, depressed, everything around me was falling apart because I couldn't function, I was missing work and had an unsympathic boss, and the hard-driving pain up and down my back/neck/shoulder areas was driving me insane.

    Finally the morning came when I could not get out of bed to go to work. I had lost 36 pounds in two months, looked pale as a ghost, and had deep, dark circles under my eyes. Out of absolute desperation, I called my boyfriend at work and asked him to drive me the 38 miles over to a physician I had seen some years ago for my severe asthma. I took the medical records and MRI on my back and went to see this doctor. He reviewed my case, talked openly with me, and then put me on narcotic pain management. I take 20mgs of oxycontin 3x's a day; 10mgs percocet 3x's a day; 2 soma (muscle relaxer) a day; 1mg klonopin at night for sleep and restless legs, and 20mgs Bextra (anti-inflamatory) once a day. It's been two years now, and my doctor and I had to adjust my meds to find the right dosages & combinations--but I can function now and work. I still have some bad days when it seems like everything flares up--my back, arthritis, FM, CFS, asthma, allergies--and I am bedridden, but overall I am much, much better.

    Please do not allow yourself to suffer with this kind of pain. It can drive you crazy, and like you--I thought if I had to live and suffer like that for the rest of my life--then I wasn't sure living was worth it. No one should have to endure pain like that in this day and age when simple medications can relieve it.

    So, please find yourself a physician that is willing to help you. Keep searching until you find one. Ask around. But get help.

    In the meantime, what I found that did help a little was Tiger Balm; ThermaCare Air-Activated HeatWraps which come in different sizes in a red box, 3 to a box--it is like a portable heating pad that actually works for 8 hours--I used the shoulder size for my back and neck area--very comfortable & soothing--you can get them at Wal-Mart or drug stores; have someone massage the Tiger Balm into your painful areas after a nice, hot (not too hot) soak in a tub filled with epsom salts, baking soda, and menthol/eucalyptus. However, you cannot use the HeatWraps over the Tiger Balm because the Wraps won't stick. And there is an OTC medication called Percogesic that is used for headaches and muscle pain. It also helps with sleep.

    Sorry this is so long, but I know how miserable that kind of pain can be, and no one should have to suffer like that. So, please find you a physician or Pain Specialist that will treat your pain with proper medication. Blessings to you, and I hope you feel better soon. Carol...
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    Hey Linda I truely understand the frustration from pain in the spine & back. I also have arch pain.

    After my last Dr frustrated me I got a new one. This one is female and of all things FINALLY got through to me that I HAVE TO TAKE THE MEDICINE in order to fight for my quality of life. The old Dr just tried one meds after another and so many at once. The new one at least listened and asked questions no body ever asked before. I first saw her for Bronchitis after PT for an accident (doing pretty good at that point) but was at my wits end when I went back for that follow up in pain again. Frustrations with family life effects of the constant aches and the Plantar Fasciitis flared at the same time.

    I was wishing God would just take me home. She encouraged me to look for a cause to it all. I took a list of symptoms that come and go and other recurring/constant things. She looked at it and began some kind of physical pressure exam. I flinched on 14 of 18 places she pressed..diagnosis Fibromyalgia. Gave me a B shot and medications to help me get more than 1 hour sleep at once.

    Still ache, still pains but sleep a little better and am learning to listen to my body and stop and put my feet up or change positions.

    Best management is constantly changing what I am doing (sitting, standing, walking, laying etc) to put myself in new positions and coming here to vent and read others dealing with the same. But then I am at home and not working outside the home anymore.
  10. JimB

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    In my first attack I had SEVERE pain (immoblizing) in my lower back and hips. I HAD TO get to an Emergency Room. My son brought over some PK5. I was hoping it would help enough so I could be moved off the bed to be taken to the E.R. ---Well It actually reduced the pain about 90%.. ( in minutes) .He put more on me, and I was walking around pain free. It has kept me our of the E.R.several times. Works on the terrible pain in my shoulder that wakes me up every morning too. If you haven't tried it, it might be some good, fast relief for you.
    Check the net for it. I think It's sold only at walgreens and some Osco stores. I hope it will help you. JimB