I can't take anymore, this can't be real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I can't stand this anymore, please, it just can't be real, i just don't know what to do anymore. My doc here sent me to a rheumy out of town. I have such muscle weakness i can hardly walk, the muscles in my calves, thighs and lower back and hips are excrushiating. I have yet to be given anything for pain other than anti-inflammatories. My husband thurs, called my pc and begged for a pain shot for me, i was delerious with pain. they did and i finally slept. The rheum sent me to a neurologist, who says may also have a connective tissue or myositis disease going on. They are 2 1/2 hours away. They ordered an EMG yesterday. My calf muscles are so sore i can't stand to have them touched, so the test was 2 hours of agony. My husband had to hold me down. I went to the rheumy's office and saw the assistant who wanted to give me something for pain and said it was important for me to get comfortable. She gave me anti-inflammatories, THAT"S ALL. I don't go back for 3 weeks, then another test, spinal tap or muscle biopsy. On top of all this, i got my medical records from my pc here to start disability proceedings and on almost every page he says i have psycological overlays and issues, and that most of the tests he ran were negative and he was curious about my symptoms and that he is sending me to a rheum out of town for diagnosis. I can't take those papers to the first disability meeting, there is no diagnosis on them. I am going to postpone the meeting till the doc's out of town can come up with something. My husband is calling them monday, and demanding they put me in the hospital and run all the tests they need then instead of dragging this out and leaving me in such pain with no med for it. I hurt so much and am not sleeping much and if this is how my legs are going to be, then i don't want them, i can't take this, i am exhausted mentally and physically. I can not believe that i am reduced to begging for pain relief when i have always passed on it before i got this crap. It's just too much, i feel like everybody thinks i'm a mental case except my husband, he's been there, he say's he know's it's real, and that they better get their stuff together and do the tests and get a diagnosis and start helping me. I just needed to talk guy's, if i try to write, then i can kind of not concentrate on the pain, you know? I have been in pain since august. How much do they think i can take. Oh, yea, they did give me neurontin. Boy, that was nice of them. It hasn't worked yet. Thanks for being here, my husband needs a break, so i knew i could come here. Rose
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    I am so sorry you are in such horrific pain, with no relief from those doctors! My heart really and truly goes out to you. I wish I could help you!

    Thank God you have a good understanding husband that believes in you, and that you are sick. Mine is the same way.

    He is so right, if they want all those tests, then it would be best to just stay in the hospital and get it all over with instead of having to run all over in all that pain. Some of these doctors are so inconsiderate!

    I simply don't know what to tell you, except that a mattress heating pad will help a little with the pain, and if you can, take a soak with 3 cups of Epson Salts, 3 bottles (large) of regular Peroxide in very warm water.

    Be sure if you try this, that you only stay in the tub for twenty minutes, and go to bed afterwards, a warm bed, put a heating pad in it. At least this will give you a good nights sleep and some relief from that awful pain.

    I don't know about Neurontin, but I take a 0.25 milligram of Xanax, half an hour later I take an OTC Advil Gel capsule (2 Advil if your stomach is alright), and it relaxes the muscles, and the Xanax will enhance the effects of the Advil for the pain.

    I will say a prayer for you, and those awful doctors too that they give you at least something for all that pain.

    I feel so bad for you. I so wish I could do something to help.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    When they were doing testing on my from April to August it seemed like forever. I even went to the ER cause I couldnt walk and was in so much pain and they sent me home and said to call my doc Monday cause this was on a saturday. Could not believe it. Finally I got into Cleveland Clinic and they figured out my problems. So I do know how ya feel..it stinks and ya feel like nobody cares if your in pain or dying. By the way, after 3 ER visits..they still never admitted me.
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    What a termoil you have to deal with. Just recently I started Neurontin, but I also take Ambien to sleep, and I have Soma for muscle poin, and doxipin for my depression(I
    get depresssed when I am confined to the bed, and can't get out) I have had FMS for 28 yrs, and that is a long time to have anything.

    You have come to the right place to find support. The people haaer are very kind and helpful. Feel free to vent, or ask questions, that is what we are all here for.
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    My heart goes out to you...I remember the days when they ran testing on patients, they hospitalized you, made you comfortable, with pain meds, etc...ran all the tests, then took care of the problem...not any more. I have been (since august 2002, to the doctor numerous times, doctoring for ulcers, trying one thing then another-finally, she ordered scans of my entire abdomen, upper and lower, colon, bladder, liver..This took me prepping myself in a weakened, painful condition for the colon test. I too used to work in a hospital and I could not imagine having someone do what we have to do at home , by ourselves to get ready for these tests..I still have to look forward to a larongoscopy the 22 of this month. and quite frankly, I am going to make some noise. I am wore out, depressed, put me in the lousy hosital and let the medical profession take care of what needs to be done. This sending a person home to worry and fret only makes us more depressed and weaker..Have you thought about going into a hospital and refusing to leave until admitted? This is seriously on my mind. I had to do that once with my daughter, and she had a tremendous flare of fibrocitis(what they used to call fybromialgia...I know how hard it is to grit your teeth and try to fight through the pain and without cooperation from the medical prof. Idon't know why we take it.I too have to be driven, because I am in no shape after these tests to drive the 40 or so miles to and fro. Then go to bed, hurting, exhausted, get up the same way...I pray that you will be helped and soon, and they will stop all this micky-mousing around.By the way, if there is a diagnosis on your medical records mentioning anything about emotional problems, etc...SSI looks more at that than medical..got that info from an inside source, but you do need a definite diagnosis. May the Lord help you, blessings
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    I am sorry you are in such pain! You need to get yourself to a pain specialist!
    It has been a lifesaver for me.
    Take care,
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    going to a pain clinic. Ask for someone who specializes in Myofascial pain. Also ask if they do trigger point release massage. You will need to ask around to see if anyone knows of a class your husband can take to learn this technique. It will save you hundreds of dollars and you will be able to try the suggestions on this board about food supplements, diet and other things to help you in between sessions. Until you have the cycle of pain broken, I'm afraid not much will help.

    I am sorry that you are in so much pain. I remember when I was in your shoes. I was lucky in that I had a friend whose deceasedwife had FMS & Myofascial Pain. He took a class in the massage mentioned above. And it will hurt but it does have a pain free pay off. Please look for a book on it in the library, if one cannot be found try putting into your search engine Physical therapy catalogs. There is a manual out there that may be of some help. I'll send a prayer up for you both.

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    titled- Help I have knots all over my back need advice. It lists 2 other books on this subject. The knots may be at any point on the body. They may be large or barely noticeable to someone who knows what they are looking for.

    Also the calves can be so hard that you can not indent them by pressing on them, if you can stand that.
    Please feel free to E-M me at

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    Rose your Reummy should know anti flams don't work on FMS> I am assuming this is FMS> I knew a lady who could not be touched either,that would put one at a dead end by itself I have had FMS 25 yrs. For sleep I take Elivil 50mgs and 20 mgs Paxil, even if they cant help the pain they can give you something for sleep you can take more Elivil then 50 milgrs but you an your Dr. need to work together on the meds,does your Rummy believe in FMS?