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    Hi everyone and thanks for reading my post. I am in such a bad flare again with my lower ribs, I feel like I've lost control. The pain has been so bad and non stop for 2 days now. I can barely sleep or function. I have to young kids that I have to care for and I don't know how much more I can take. I have done many tests on my organs near my lower ribs. Upper gi, barium enema, ultrasound of gallbladder, liver etc. x-rays of lungs, ribs and abnomen with no abnormal findings. I can't believe how much pain can be present with negative results. I have read many posts that a gallbladder ultrasound is usually non-invasive and that a HIDA scan is the better way to test the gallbladder. My mom had her gallbladder taken out many years ago and said my symptoms are not typical of gallbladder problems. She said she would get attacks so bad she couldn't walk and then she would feel no pain for awhile. My pain is constant and is more of a burning, pressure twisting kinda of pain. I know many on this board suffer from costochondritis, but could it really be that painful and mimic other illnesses? If anyone has costo and at one point thought it was problems with their stomach, gallbladder etc., please reasure me of this. I am seeing a gastroenoligist(sp), and he will be scheduling me for a endoscopy. I might ask for a HIDA scan as well. I just want this to go away. Sorry for the long post and thank you for listening. Also, when any of you are in alot of pain, does your entire body feel like it's numb. Had that last night..what a scary feeling. God bless you all and hope for better days ahead. Gallbladder attacks usually affect the right side and shoulder, however, my pain is on both sides, and no shoulder pain. Has anyone had gallbladder problems, with the entire rib cage hurting?
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    I had it so badly that I hurt all over. It starts hurting in the middle of your back. I kept getting diagnosed as costochondritis which I actually do have, but that was not the culprit and I believe they checked for gall bladder with their barrel of tests but it didn't show up, which I am finding is not uncommon, since I had my experience with it. All I know is it was ongoing and eventually I felt like someone had blown a cannon right through the center of my body. I kept going back to the ER until someone diagnosed me, as my doctor declared me a drug seeker. Also, if you add morphine to gall bladder disease, it makes the gall bladder spasm and increases your pain. That' my story and I'm sticking to it. I hope you solve this, seems like old fashioned listening to the patient and diagnosing has gone out the window and some things don't necessarily show up. My mother also had hers removed, but that was in the good old days when docs actually knew their patients and cared.
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    I don't know if this could be the problem regarding your whole body going numb, but I've had that (you're right!) TERRIFYING feeling twice - once when I was regressed in therapy and the next time when I had a major anxiety attack. God bless you; and may you find the help you need soon. BonBons
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    I also thought and sometimes still do think I have gallbladder problems. I and my friend with fm have alot of the symptoms you have mentioned. I had an ultrasound and they said everything was clear I have a constant pain under my rib cage and also can barely wear a bra without becoming ill and in alot of pain. I have noticed or it appears that alot of fm people seem to have gallbladder problems more than the pt. norm I had seen. Also do you have nodules under the breast region. I did not even know I had these lumps following all around on both sides.When they are touched it is like putting your finger in a raw socket of extracted tooth. Check see if you have those lumps. I was told to slowly try to work them out while in hot tub. Know that will have the old folks talking at my condo complex...... Also when I had endo found out I had hiatal hernia and erosions which caused pain all through chest region and burning etc. Good luck on getting some help. I know how painful these things are and even more frustrating if it is fm or something else and not sure of. Gentle hugsssss.
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    Hi Tes,
    I also have had terrible pain in my left ribs and side for a month now. It is awful. My personality has changed completely since I developed whatever this is. I had stomach x-rays and rib x-rays all showing everything is fine. The doctor yesterday started me on Shingle medication because she said it can cause this rib and side pain. It hurts so bad just to touch my ribs? Does yours hurt like this too? The doctor said that you can get Shingles without a rash. She wants me to have a cat scan next week if the pain does not go away.. I also was thinking this was possibly Costco. It sounds like you are in pretty much pain too.. It is even hard for me to function anymore with this pain..Mary

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    I suffered with severe abdominal paim for 2 years. Was seen by gastrolagist who couldn't find anything but heatal hernia, sent me for ultrasound on gallblatter, then to surgeon to have that removed. Still had pain. Have history of chronic UTI was hospitolized and treated for urinary tract. My primary care dr was about to release me when a gynecologist was sent in. She did a laproscopic exploratory surgery of pelvic area. Found my enrire area infected with green puss (yeek,sorry it's gross)Tried clearing it with antibiotics to no avail. Finally hysterectomy. But, I am thankful she made me stay in hospitol or I may have never found the reason I had two years of excrusciating pain and every dr just thinking I wanted pain pills. Hope your pain is not all that, but, wanted to let you know in case it's not your gallblatter and you are still suffering it's something to check.
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    Tell your pain management doc if you have one. If not, get one. Also if your GP (General Practitioner)is good, try that. Talk to them.
    Tell them how bad it is. They can help so you don't have to suffer.
    Good luck, soft teddy hugs
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    hi tes-i am new to this board. I have just read your e-mail and I had EXACTLY the same symptoms you had with the ribs. It was my gallbladder. I had an ultrasound and they found no stones but when they finally did the HDA scan they found that my gallbladder was only functioning at lessthan 3% normal is around 36-38%. I was immediatley scheduled for surgery. I had other symptoms too-the severe burning etc. The surgery helped alot with the rib pain but about 4 weeks later I had to have another endoscopy and I also had hemmoraghic gastritis. I have been on aciphex for 2 years and this has helped. Please request a HDA scan-and don't let them say no. It took almost two months of severe pain ,and other symptoms before they figured it out. I hope this helps-I will be praying for you. susanh
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    I wanted to add,I went to my Rheumy a couple days ago.I complained(again)of my left sided rib pain,at the waist,and into the hip at times~ Without any tests or anything she said it was that costochondritis! So I'm going with that DX for now??? I plan on researching the subject a bit today.I've heard alot about it here....and thought of it as a possibility,but we'll see waht I find on it~ and although its mainly my rib,side,hip etc....I still feel a damn knawing pain in my belly too!! right in the center,somewhat high up in the stomach area. Do you have the belly pain with yours too?and into your back at all?? I hurt all over every day from the FM but this is something aside from the FM aches and pains. I've had FM for 10 lousy years now and this symptom has only come about the last year,maybe slightly more than a yr.
    I HATE this DD!! Like you, I have small kids to raise too!!
    I miss being a real MOM to them~ (I'm tired of having to say"no,hunny,Mommy does'nt feel good").....
    Let me know if you have the belly pain with your ribs~
    I'll post anything new I should stumble on.
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    Hi Tes, I know what it is like to be in pain and all your exams come back negative. Don't worry, your body is telling you something is not right you are not going crazy. As I was reading your post I was thinking of 2 or 3 things. Having experienced this disease myself going on 20 years, and being in the radiology field this is what my thoughts were. 1. try a anti-inflammatory like vioxx or celebrex to see if this helps until you can get a bone scan done. I didn't see a bone scan on your list. Rheumatologist usually always will do this exam to compliment x-rays in a case of a patient who is experiencing undiagnosed pain and x-rays are negative. x-rays are not always 100
    ccurate It might be a good idea to schedule for a bone scan. This is done in the nuclear medicine department of the hospital. It can show infection, inflammation,past injuries, cancer's etc. In the meantime try some vioxx. Anti-inflammatory medications are wonderful for bone pain. Rib fractures also can be hard to detect on x-ray if it is a small hairline fracture. But if it is, it will eventually heal and usually bedrest and pain meds are the best orders anyways for this type of injury unless the lungs become involved. good luck bonebabe