I can't take this pain anymore !!!!

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    I started to work at TJMaxx and have been there for the past two weeks , after the first day I had to tell them ( meaning my manager) that years ago I injured my back so I had so sp end sometttttime at home untill I could talk with the pain dotor. He changed my meds aroun and put me on a higher dose of the duragisc patch I am to wear two of them at a time ) My problem is that now they know that I can't lift they find me jobs like steaming clothes and hanging them I am standing so much that my knees are hurting me so bad I am getting scared what if I can't get my pain level down so that I can walk without limping along like some one who has had major surgery. I am taking so many pain meds that I should be in a coma but I am still awake and nights are the worst nothing takes the pain down even a notch. Any way today I was at work at 7:30 am and left at 5:15 pm. THe first tow hours I stood alot and rearranged clothes and stuff like that then at break I was givien a new special job just for me I was in charge of the break room for our grand opening. The big whigs had a big dinner for us and we can and went when our scheddules let us I was to keep the room tidy and straighten up after each group left and I did I even had some one heeeelp me lift the hot pans with the lasana in it . I washed tables and did every thing I was told to do make sure that everyone one knew when their break time was but as I got in my car to come home I was in so much pain that I could hardly move and still at 7pm and after pain meds the pain is so bad that I could scream Ieven turned down a seafood donner that my eldest daughter was going to pay fo because I was in so much pain I can not even think staright becausee of this intenese pain in my back and hips not to mention myfeet and legs . I can't take this anymore I am tired of my friend and family thinking that fibromyalgia can be turned on and off and that if you think of some thin else it won't hurt as bad and that is BS I have tried everything and if I thought that it would get me some relief I would go to the ER but they would only tell me to take my meds and see my doctor and shove me out of the door and the pain would still be there I can't cope with this pain all the time I need the job with my husband still feeling like he wants a divorce so I need to save money so get a apartment and stuff so bag going to the hoapital because there would be another bill from the hpspital that I will be blamed for and that he won't pay make this stop please I can't take it any more I don"t know what to do my pain doctor is on vacation and won't be bad for two weeks and all I get from the answering service is the usual call the hospital if this is a medical ememgangy and it is for certian that the doctors there don't think that severe chronic pain on a patient that is wearing two 50 mcg duragsic pain patch they would look at me and laugh . I am sorry about the gripe session I am going to lay down dnow and try to relax with a rice bag take care Rose marie
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    Just out of curiosity...if you are in that much pain and on that strong of pain medication, can you not get disability so that you don't have to work?
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    You need some help. There are some other forms of pain management, some of which may help you at least a little. My mom would help you except that she is probably not living in the same state...she is a Reiki Master Healer, meaning she heals with her hands. Did you ever see the Karate Kid? Anyway, her hands get REALLY warm, and you get feelings of love and compassion. She combines this with Huna Healing from Hawaii, with breathing and visualization excercises which really calm you and put you in a beautiful mental place. She charges what is known in her circle as a "love offering", which can be anything from a check for $50 to a batch of chocolate chip cookies to a special shell necklace, whatever one can afford and is from the heart. Also a friend of hers does a healing called Traeger, where he moves your joints oh so gently in the directions that they should move, so that your body can remember that this is the way they should go. It loosens up those tight muscles we have. Mikie talked about physical therapy in which gentle streching was involved. I like to spend time in a friend's hot tub, I can be in there for an hour! You mentioned rice packs. I LOOOOOVE my rice packs.
    I know how it is from my migraines to be in such excruciating pain and how emotional it can get. I hope that you can make a plan to find out how to get out of that emotional state, because we both know, it sure doesn't help!
    Call around and find out about some of these alternative healers and if they have any concessions for low income types, tell them your story and that you need some alternatives to just the narcotics and they'll be all over that! Don't expect that they will actually heal you, but they can put you in a better place where your mind can be at peace and your emotions don't escalate the pain until you are frantic. They can really soothe you. You might stay away from pure massage, though, because that can hurt.
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    Hon--I feel so bad for you---I know what you are going through, and it just is overwhelming. Is there anyway, while you are still employed at this job, that you could possibly be looking (maybe on your day off, or during lunch hour) for a job that is less physically demanding. Perhaps a desk job, that would allow you to get up and stretch every half hour or so. Is there an office position at TJMaxx, perhaps, that would be a bit easier on you? Maybe cutting your hours a bit would help, as another solution. That would give you a bit more recoup time. It seems when we just keep pushing so hard, and our body is screaming out its too much, it usually continues or gets worse.

    I hope you can find a solution to this....I know how important the financial aspect of your job is to you. I admire you for pushing on. Please be careful not to push so much though that you end up not being to do anything.

    I know nites are the hardest time of all--it's impossible to sleep, and then the lack of sleep is detrimental, and adds to the pain. Is it possible for you to see another Doctor, while yours is out of town, and perhaps get a prescription for break-thru pain (a small quantity) until your Doctor returns?

    I hope you feel better, and get some relief soon.
    I will put you in my prayers.
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    Cannot even express how badly I feel for you. Like someone else said, could you find a job with less physical labor?

    I am doing just wonderful on Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate) and ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6). BUT I do not work outside the home, and do rest after I do things that make me tired. So my pain level is way down. But I could not do the labor that you are doing.

    The hot rice socks for wonderful, so is a 'wireless mattress heating pad', they are sold at Penny's Sear's, and some Wal-Mart's too. They do help with the pain and morning stiffness.

    Also you might want to try my favorite bath, here it is;

    3 large bottles of Peroxide
    3 cups of Epson Salts

    In a tub of very warm water. Just soak for 20 minutes, as it will make you feel weak, when you get out of the tub go to bed. I guarantee you will feel great in the morning, but this is not a cure, just relief.

    I have joined the others in a prayer for you, thats all that I can offer.

    Let us know how you are doing. And do try and find an easier job!

    Shalom, Shirl