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    I visited Central Park in NYC on Sunday with my husband and the girls and a few of their friends. We walked to a section of the park renamed Strawberry Fields as a tribute to the late, great John Lennon. The picture in my profile is the Imagine tribute. Those fresh flowers are replaced daily and meticulously placed. It was such a warm and surreal place with lots of people-- hippies, young and old-- playing various instruments and singing Beatle/Lennon tunes and just in general honoring and respecting the legacy that is John Lennon. I wanted to share that with all of you.


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    What a great picture. I've been wanting to get up there to see Strawberry Fields for so long!

    I loved John so very much. I still cry on Dec.8th, Oct.9th, and whenever I hear him sing. His death devastated me.

    I pray I will get up there eventually. I'm so glad you could go. Thanks so much for sharing.


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    I'm finally making myself use the new board format. I'm logged in and everything. How do I see your picture?
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    I have no idea. I was over there this morning and couldn't find it myself. I guess this is one of the final 'kinks' they're going to have to work out before the new website goes totally live and this one is taken down. Truthfully, I'm staying over here as long as I possibly can.

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    Just click on the user's name in the left hand corner of the post and her photo will pop up.
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    That really is an awesome photo. I always wanted to get to New York to see this, and to visit CBGB's where the Ramones started out. I know CBGB's is closed now, but it certainly would be nice to walk around and view music history! Sincerely, Barb
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    wow!,,,,Thats Beautiful!,,,,Thankyou so much for sharing this with us! I'm sure i will never get to see this Tribute to John Lennon in Person!,,,,If Only his Beliefs could have been put into practice,,,it would be a wonderful World,,,,,,,,Thanks Laura!,,,,,Sis
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    Wow!! Thanks for the info--I should have known this since my husband's whole extended family on his father's side is from Pompeii. We were in Pompeii in 2005 and it is an amazing place. My husband's uncle was the head tour guide at the ruins for many years and traveled the world with the Pompeiian Exhibits in the late 70's --early 80's.

    It just shows you how far reaching John Lennon's legacy reached that we would be the recipients of such a beautiful mosaic.

    Thanks again for the info.


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