I chickened out on tanning bed for now but went for massage and

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    WOW.. It was wonderful. The girl was very gentle. It was deep muscle massage and it was great. I may be alittle sore tomarrow but it was worth it cause it felt so good and it was very relaxing to me with the music and all. I want to go every week now.
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    I answered your tanning post too.(you big baby!!LOL)You should try it!!I'm telling you the warmth alone makes it worth it!!
    As for the massage~ I know its great!! I had a script last year for PT...which my Dr specified to include massage.I went 3 times a week!! I never felt so good!! I loved it!
    Then of coarse,all good things come to an end. I asked the massage therapist what the charges were if I wanted to continue on my own.(and pay cash)I forget what the price was, but I know it was too high for me at the time.
    I dream of starting that again tho~ I should check back into that. I'm glad your finding a little relief from this Hell of a disease!!
  3. Carlacat

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    I really wanted to go to the tanning bed but the only thing I was worried about was my POTS. Other people told me do not go cause it would make my POTS worse and I dont want that. But the massage person is only charging me 20.00 for the hour so I think I may go back next week and just have a reg/stress massage done then the week after get another deep muscle massage again. She is very good, I was only sore in a couple places but nothing I cant handle so I will definitly go again. I'm gonna get my husband to go next week with me cause she said we could both get massages for only 30.00 for both of us.
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    Wow! Thats a great price for the massage!! I know I was quoted way higher than that!I think it was something like $20 for 15 minutes?? If I had the extra cash...I'd pay that in a heartbeat!! Sorry I broke your chops on the tanning~That makes it different with you having pots. If you were to ask the person running the tanning salon,she should know about certain cautions,so maybe she could let you know if you should or not~ I know it feels great...as long as you don't get burned of course~
    Have a less pain day!
    Warm regards,
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    I wondered the same thing about tanning with POTS. I haven't tanned since being dx'd but I do know that I don't want to get too hot.

    If you do decide to try it, you might want to make sure they have adequate air conditioning. We do have in our salon but when it's busy it can still get pretty hot. Like yesterday we tanned over 3oo and I wouldn't want to tan when it's that busy.

    Another thing you could do, is to go when they first open up in the morning. That way it wouldn't be hot at all. Just what comes from your bed which shouldn't be too bad. And of course, just starting out, you wouldn't stay long enough to get too hot.

    I'm going to give it a try soon myself. I remember getting sick last year from the heat and I couldn't figure out why. Always before, it was the hotter the better. Now it makes so much sence. If there is any sense to be made from this stupid illness. After I was dx'd with POTS a lot of stuff started making more sense.

    You take care Carla.

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