I contacted Dr. Tracy Baker

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Princessraye, May 27, 2003.

  1. Princessraye

    Princessraye New Member

    If you go to google (edited to remove url) and in the search box type in Tracy M. Baker, MD kansas
    Go to the first listing in the results and you will find his email address.
    I already wrote to him.
    Don't know if it will help but it will make me feel better.
    I know it is hard but if at all possible, my personal feeling is I think it is best to stick to facts and try not to call him the butt head he is . LOL
  2. goingslowlycrazy

    goingslowlycrazy New Member

    ..as he obviously has NO clue what he's talking about.

    Well done Princess - let us know if he condescends to reply...

    He needs educating.

    What does anyone else think - Jelly?????

    Mary x
  3. AnnetClo

    AnnetClo New Member

    And if no one has any objections, that's exactly what I'll do. I'll print out every one of them and FedEx those suckers to that idiot. I couldn't find an email address to him, but as large as the file is I may not be able to send it in its entirety, but with a FedEx package somebody is going to have to sign for it.

    I also think that we should all send a letter or postcard to his office. I thought about the email, but I know for me if I don't know where the email is coming from I just delete. So he may do the same. But pieces of mail will be delivered to his office. It's just a shame we can't also have a big truck load of manure delivered too, because that's sure as hello what he's full of.

    His address is
    Tracy M. Baker, MD
    Wichita Clinic, PA
    120 West Joseph
    Augusta, KS 67016

  4. allhart

    allhart New Member

    who is this dr and what did he say ?
    i totally missed it

  5. goingslowlycrazy

    goingslowlycrazy New Member

    You're so right about the emails - he can bin them out without reading them but sacks of mail...I like it!

    Thanks for the address..I'm writing tonight!

    Wonder if you'll get a reply?

    thanks so much for doing this,

    big hugs
    Mary x
  6. AnnetClo

    AnnetClo New Member

    and when you go to that website there is a picture of the moron.
  7. Princessraye

    Princessraye New Member

    I think sending Jelly's bio would be great with her permission.

    I told him I would pray for him and if you don't think that was hard to do as mad as I was .............:)
    But I did. I prayed that he will hear us and realize he is wrong. I also prayed a few Dr. whom he respects will contact him, maybe some medical school chums :)

    I will let you know if he responds but I will not hold my breath
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  8. Sissy123

    Sissy123 New Member

    Just type his name in the browser and pick him out from Augusta, Ks. I posted the letter I wrote him, the moron. I rarely get this upset by an idiot, but a egotisitical idiot I cant put up with. Love Sis
  9. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    Just a thought and please don't take this wrong.
    I hope everyone isn't sending off super emotional
    and unrestrained letters to him. It won't help
    our case. He will just think we are all crazy.

    LOL Princess Raye,, I just noticed you said not
    to call him the butt head that he is! LOL That is
    just what I meant!
  10. Rene

    Rene New Member

    The on comment I have is that Dr is saying that people can get disability due to objectional opinions! What about depression???? There is not a test you can take for that either just report your symptoms so does he think depression exisits? That goes for Lupus and MS. Montel saw 10 neurologist and he had 2 neurologist in with him at the same time going back and forth that he had ms or didn't. The drs didn't agree.