I could smack husband he bought some ice cream

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 13, 2005.

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    my favorite kind Ben & Jerrys MInt ice Cream and cookies.
    I think he thought he was being nice. but I was on the couch and didn't hear him bring it in and leave it for me/

    I must have fallen alseep and I got up to go to the ladies room and dripped over thie ice cream he had loosened that ice cream lid and the liquid ice cream ran all over the carpet floor and I had to clean it up. I know that he was being reaolly nice as I had a really bad day. But hvae you tryed to get sitcky icecream out of the carpet? It itakes alot of hard work wot get it out.

    I worked and woke up so the cold ice cream that my feet were in. I had a hard on getting the sitckey difuuff ourot my carpet and finally did but my carpet is damp and i have claaaeaned it was warm water and soap and rinced it too. I had stepped int his gooy mess and was so ittatated at him but then I know that he had brpught it out to me a bit of it and I spilt it and made this mess so I have cleaned it up , I used thecleaned for the kitchen and soappy water too and then I put towmsl on the floor and walked over them till they were soaakded and then i rinced it again and walked over a new towel to and

    When I had finally rinced it till I didn't feel the sticky feeling it had I rinced it one last time as I walked over the towels and they were damp and I didn't smeepp the minty ice creanm, so I new taht I had cleaned it up all the way. But will have to get out the carpet shampoor and clean the floor so taht it will get it all the way ot of it.

    I was happey that he had thought of me and had left it out for me but I don't think he really thought i was slllllseep and that i would spitll it and make them bigest mess of the carpet but I did.So I have spent the last hour clenaing it up and gettting the carpet not to smell like mint chocolate ice cream. I am not mad at him he was just being nice as he had mad plannns with me tonight taand then had to brask them because of work and this was his I am sorry for not spending time with you. HE is a sweet heart and I Love him to peices. But i didn't need toe ice cream on the floor and the only good part was that I had eatehn some of it so not all of the sticky mess made it to the carpet juswt the past little bit but it still was a sicky mess,

    I am to thank for for him as i know hhe was trying to make me happy and to not feel so llet down for not spending time withhim and I know that he didn't count on my falling alseeep and falling over the container.

    So it is all cleaned up and my carpet if stil damp but is not siccky anymore nor doews it ssmeel like mint chic ice crean so I am ok with it. I love him fo r trying to be ttso thought full . At least he was trying to make me happy and feel; better. IT was so kind of him and if I hadnot fallen alseep I wouldnot have made the mess of the floor if I had been awake . So i am thankfull for his thought full ness and now i hve cleaned this carpent too. I am not to hungery for the icecream now for a while so I will let it it go till later on and i wil get teh car pet clenaeddd in themormning and not at al sticy or wet any more./ I love thim for all that he does for me and i am so luccky to have him and have him try to make me happy and i was even thought i had to cleann it up and get the mess and all cleaned up and I have done that so I can go to bed now and make sure that it is clean it the morning. I think that it is nice of him to think of me but he could ahve woke me up fist and told me that he had left it there beside me so I would not spi;;t it but as least he really cared about me and was trying to make me hapne about thing to nitht.


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