I declare the Porchlight Vol 124 is closed

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    A little voice told me to start a new party, after all it is Sat night, so come on in. Carla
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  2. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I know Mrdad is still restin up after his long week of partying with DD and DS, plus kids partys, I figured he needed a break.

    Linda you are either out playin the one arm bandits or curled up in bed.

    Well, I brought the hot tub, seems like a good night to try, it is extra, extra big so everyone can come on it.

    I hung some fiestive glass lanterns around and built a small fire for of me,,err I mean all. I smell smores now.

    So come on in and leave your worries at the door. Your chairs are all cleaned and fluffed, even left a extra towel for the hot tub, btw- bathing suits are optional, and just enjoy the party. Carla
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  3. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Hi, Carla and All,

    You know how to lure me in, don't you. That warm soak sounds like a wonderful idea and I love the look of the lanterns.

    I don't have a lot to report - just getting through things I need to get through and trying to see my way clear to have some days of rest. Pondering a kitten for Sophie while wondering if I've lost what's left of my mind. :>O

    Thing is, I get an easier day and fill it up! Been using my brain more to acomplish some legal issues and I've found that's as exhausting as the darned treadmill which, by the way, I finally recovered from after about a week.

    Enjoy the party and the big hugs I'm leaving on each chair. And a public thanks to CarlaB for the butterflies that are now winging their way to me for my granddaughters' birthdays!

    [Edit: I seem to be going through a writing glitch with pronouns....]
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  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I knew I would draw you bush dwellers out of hiding with the hot tub, it is just the right temp, ahhhhhh the jets feel so good on those tired muscles.

    Marta glad you like the lights. I can't wait until you get your flutterbys. I was in a rush and didn't even take a pic of them, just totally forgot until after the box was taped. So can you take one for me??? Especially the purple one.

    Darkwaters- glad to see you here, I hope you enjoy your stay, just settle in with your favoite beverage, the bar is fully stocked, now that we let Jeeves go. How much can one man drink???

    Linda were are you??? What is this- you want to send me a recalled Easy Bake oven??? I heard a kid lost a finger because of a defective one. I do hate turning my big oven on for 9 cookies but I liken warm cookies,hehe.

    A nurse question- I got a bad rope burn yesterday on the top of my foot. I got tangled up in the dog ropes, I use nylon cord. I came in and washed it up then put peroxide on it because that rope has been all over the yard. After I dried it, it is still white. It goes all the way across the top of my foot and around to my ankle. It is still white and dry. Never have seen that reaction before, so just curious.

    I hope all enjoy the tub, I put extra towels out for any other bush dwellers that want to come in and join the party. Carla
  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Great job Kiddo! The new Hot Tub is a great idea. I, being
    the most qualified and experienced, will offer my skillfull
    talents and offer to maintain the Hot Tub "Bee Kee Knee"
    count! Hope that foot is better soon.

    Good to see Carla-NL on the Porch. Hope you are doing better
    now and will be here more often as you have been missed.
    Marta, glad you are finally recovering from that Tread Mill
    test! I've done that with a "bad hip" etc. and don't feel
    they should put most people over 40 thru it! Not sure it is
    very "definitive" anyhow.

    Hope you are having a good weekend Linda. I see you "guys" in
    the N. East got more rain this week. Feel guilty as it's
    so nice out here! Lots of people out and about the neigh-
    borhood enjoying the weather. I have a lot of fun watching
    all the young People having fun! Hundreds of them at the
    neighbor park yesterday. 'Posta be even nicer today!

    As you can see, I'm yet getting use to my new 'Puter! There
    are some negatives I'm still dealing wiff but will adjust
    soon I hope!

    I'll try to be back later, "K"?
    Joe aka MRDAD
  6. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    It's just me sneaking in at the beginning of the thread to update all of you of the recent death of my father in law. It is a relief to know that he is no longer suffering but it has been hard too.

    Carla, the hot tub is making me feel better...just what I needed to help with my stressed out muscles and the warm towels feel so good! Relaxation is just what I needed.

    Warm wishes and better health to all of you.

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gee Carla thanks so much for the hot tub. That's for me for sure , so here I am !!!! I may have to just stay in it till the water turns cold or someone shuts it down (-: !!

    Sweetie - Hi and I am so sorry to hear about your FIL. Iknow how that can be. You love and you miss them when they are gone but they went through so much misery, many times it is best when they go - hopefully fairly peacefully. Hope you are not feeling to bad. I see you have you checked out that hot tub !! Sounds great to me and hope it is big enough for this crowd !!!

    Hi also to Linda, Marta, Darkwaters, Carlanl (glad to have you back) MrDad, and Joan, plus anyone else I missed !

    Went to church in the rain today and then went to that delicious buffet. It was wonderful, even if it was "just" the soup, salads, fruit, shrimp and salmon bar.. They also had the breakfast bar (not me) and the bar with other meats, veggies, other stuff and dessert. Wow, those shrimp was delicious (nice and BIG) with red horseradish sauce - yummy !!! Then came home and DH finished powerwishing the the driveway and I did some weeding. After a little more than a 1/2 hr or so that was it for me - hot, buggy and my back was killing me.

    Sorry gotta go and do some other stuff around here , but not to much ! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I have to clean the rest of this house somehow with company coming for dinner two nights this week. They will be simple and one is with Stouffers lasagna from Sams, salad and garlic breat. The other will be steaks on the grill.

    Blessings and warm hugs,


  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Glad everyone is enjoying the hot tub.

    Sweetie- I am sorry about your FIL, maybe now you and your DH can get something of a normal life back and get you feeling better. I know it has been a very hard few years for you.

    Mrdad- I knew you would be Bee Keeny watchin, you can be the life guard in case Linda fall asleep. She may need a little "mouth to mouth" to wake her up. I know what you mean by learning new computers. I still don't have everything put back on mine yet. When my digital camera threw it in a tail spin, I stopped. I still need to do the printer and scanner.

    Linda- sorry you aren't up to snuff. It is a beautiful day here too. Hope you were able to enjoy your afternoon outing. When I was in my 20's, my 2 aunts would throw a couple a year. My cousins would bring all the kids and we had home made cranked ice cream, hmmmmm. We all took turns with the crank.

    Granni- Stouffer's lasgna is my favorite and am getting ready to fix one for me tonight.

    As far as myself, the rope burn makes it very hard to wear my teenies, so no walks for the girls. So got the riding mower out and they ran, well trott, it may make make 5 mph.
    Just a 12 hp engine. They didn't complain when I was hooking them up. Twy loved it, tail and ears up all the way. Missy still has some issues but does go along with the tail down.

    No matter which way I go there is a hill, atv's drive on the "main" road so I said why not me. I had about 5 cars go by the entire ride and I would just smile and wave.

    It did make me want something like a smaller atv so I can walk the girls when I can't, like now. Sumpthim to think on.

    Hello to all I have forgot but my Stouffers is ready, I have plenty so come on in-Carla
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Was it CK or Linda? Sorry, but I couldn't find that part of the thread talking about who who hurt their tootsies with the rope !!!

    I think you said that it was all white or something, that is sort of strange. Was there any blood or abrasion like scrapes on your feet or ripped off skin or anything?

    The only thing I can think of is just put some triple antibiotic ointment on it like Neosporin. It can be the generic form. Let the air hit it as much as possible. That might help to keep it soft, and not to form a scab or if it does, to hopefully keep it from scarring. The antibiotic certainly should not hurt it and keep it clean. Also, just keep it cleanm like you have been doing. It should be nice and clean if you have been in the hot tub (-: !!! The big problem I am sure is having to wear shoes.

    More warm hugs from,

    X nurse Granni

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  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    or i am just plain old brain fogged and tired...

    thanks linda...just trying to be friends w/him. nothing heated or heavy...just friends...someone to talk to and he can go do his thing...and i do my thing...

    well i went out last night granni, i was so tired but some friends said come on down...so i did..drank my water...then came home...went to bed eventually. good night and day...

    i was lazy...still am..i have dr appt to go over my meds..tomarrow at 11:30 i w/set my alarm for that..

    well not much going on ...oh for got my exhb told me tonight he is moving in w/a new gf...they are having problems already just over the move.

    she has 2 younger children...he has problems w/that since he said "he did not do a good job w/his own."

    i did cry but i was emotional before he came in w/cody. friend is going thru a friend problem which is sad.

    then the exhb tells me this...

    then he told me i was the best...and still am...kuddos to me...he said he is going to give it a try...and people say it won't work...

    i just told him maybe he learned something from his past and bring it forward...told him i do not want any drama like i have had in the past. he said she is mature thinks she is a pyschologist...

    she has expressed interest in watching cody's game...but he said he is leaving that one up to me to call....

    not sure what i want to say to that right now...

    i said i would want to meet her first. but i don't know how to handle any of it right now...

    i am sad but know that we w/never be together.. i already know his problems...and if she is a psychologist...she works w/children at a montorssori day care..and interviews them and tells the parens what is wrong w/their children...

    i said i don't worry about cody he is nearly 18 and out of the house.

    just been thinking about how to handle this situation...cause as all of you know here on the board cody has been my everything and i have always been there for cody for all of his sporting events...to school issues...life period...

    i feel like since i dont have someone at the game w/me as my partner it is another reminder i may have failed in my marriage he has something or someone...

    i know i should not feel like this but it creeps up on me now... he was very good about talking to me..stating i deserve someone that will be good to me...etc...

    well anyways everyone have a special bevage for me...

    hi marta...mr.dad..ckb. linda, shoot and anyone else i have forgotten..

  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Then it was up and leave today, gone all day Drs, visiting my mom and my friend with RSD, then back to the Dr. to get orders for a 24 hour pee test. Still have cloudy pee and had some ketones in there too.

    The rope burn is trying to get infected, requiring alternating peroxide, salt water and soapy cloth. The place where it is torn is still white. I took a long bath last night and it looked a little better, then put abx ointment it and bandaged it. When I got home this evening, infected. For some reason my body is not healing itself like it should.

    I haven't quite bounced back after my crash a few weeks ago during the computer thing. I think for a day or two I'm getting better, then the next I'm down again. Oh well.

    Linda-glad you had fun with your family, I miss our family functions of yesterday past.

    Grannie hope you dinner's turn out good and had a good time.

    Jodie- sorry to hear about the ex moving on, but even tho we don't want them, deep down maybe we don't want anyone else to have them. Just chill with your son and enjoy his last year, it will over before you know it.

    Like Linda my brain has left the building, learning about the kidneys and what all this crap going on in me means.

    I hope everyone has a good nights sleep and wake up feeling wonderful. Hey we can all dream, right? Nite-nite-Carla
  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I know I've been neglecting my "duties" to the Porch and am
    taking advantage of both Linda and CK to hold up my end of
    the Porch! I'm sure I'll be hearing from SMG soon about my

    Just returned your Email Linda and I've neglected that too
    the Past couple of weeks!

    Carla-NL, it's good that you feel well enuff to be bac a bit
    more! Speaking of Holidays in the Islands, my Daughter had
    an opportunity to go to Hawaii from SF this Past weekend and
    attempted to call me last nite but I wasn't here. She
    will be there for the week staying at a "Time Share" on the
    Main Island that was offered to she and another Girl. I'm
    glad She is having some fun before she returns to Grad
    school in the late Summer! I had such a great time with
    She and her Bro. last week. She will be 30 y.o. in Aug,
    so it's the last few weeks I can still trust her! Where
    does the time go??

    My Son is doing a music Gig downtown tomorrow nite and I
    hope to be there! My two "Lil Guy's" are thrilled wiff
    new GIANTS baseball caps! Hope to see them Friday nite
    as I promised to buy the "Peetza" and "Gatorade" and maybe
    some Ice Cream! Um-um-um! I'm hunkee already!!!

    Well hope all are doing well! So sorry about FIL Sweetie!
    It's so difficult to let go when we have too. Hope all ot-
    her things are coming along.

    Hey to Jodie, "Cookie" and all to many to mention!
    "Talk" later, "K"?

  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    did i spell that right everyone?

    got my hula skirt on and george gave me the ok today to wear it out at the pool.

    carla i think you are right....about the ex thing...just frustrating...

    now i had cody who will be 10 12/21/2007 ask me when he turns 18 he figures he should be able to have sex w/gf when it is his bday...i said not in my house go to her house or move out and get an apart...or get a motel...

    am i too strict now days...? he said he will be the only 18 not having sex w/gf....and is using me having a bf or someone i am dating etc. against me...

    now his dad doesn't have to deal w/this...i do...do i get to have a life of freedom. i am a little pissed right now...what do you say to your older teen almost adult...?

    i told him to move out and get an apartment or rent a hotel roomm...so now he is throwing the you had sex before i got married in my face...thanks to his stupid dad...telling him that...

    he is trying to use leverage over me...i told him to go have sex at her house...he said her parents wouldn't allow it... i said then why should i? he thinks becaue he is technically paying for rent because of child support... oh what is a single mother to do....?

    he used the if you want me to live w/you while he goes to college then he should be allowed to have sex anytime he wants to...

    and he shouldn't have to have me have me over if he can't be w/his gf...

    i said respect and it is always my place....

    sorry i am rambling on...

    you all have a great day

  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Jodie,

    Stick your guns kiddo about the sex thing. I am really old fashioned so I am not going to say everything I probably want to BUT you can tell him that just because if supposedly everyone else is doing it cause they are 18 ( or under) doesn't mean he has or needs to. Most 18 year olds are not that mature first of all, just because they are 18, especially boys but girls too. Everyone doesn't have to have sex with your GF or BF right away just cause they think everyone else was doing it.

    I hate to get into this subject anyway. Even if you do tell him what or not to do they will most likely do it anyway without your permission, if they really want to. The peer pressure nowadays is just horrendous. I thought it was bad in my day in the 50's (wow am I giving away my age. Oh well, in is in my bio anyway (-: !!

    I think when young people are old enough and really have a commitment with one another is plenty of time. What the heck is the big rush is all I can say. TV surely has not helped and all the dumb movies with everyone hopping in and out of bed with every othr person they go out with. That is why I hardly do not even go to movies anymore. It surely does not set a good exacmple for the kiddos or anyone else either. They all think they have to do it cause the movie stars do it and it's in the movies, etc.

    I am sure you got me started on this very sensitive questions. I am glad I am not raising children any more but who knows what with the grandkids. One will graduate HS this coming year and will then be 18. He lives with his dad now so there is no telling. There isn't alot of structure there or supervision . His mom does what she can but she has enough problems with just getting a job and caring for two hildren with medical and LD problems. I know she has told him what is right but now they don't even go to church anymore cause DXH wouldn't go for that.

    Good luck Jodie on this issue. That is all I am going to say about this which may have been to much for some but I gotten to the point where I just say it anyway. I think I was diplomatic (-: !!!!

    Big hugs and lots of understanding to you,

  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    you are right about it all...i just don't like the leverage he is trying to use over my head...by saying he is technically paying for my rent cause of money from his dad for child support. that is b.s. in my book....

    well gonna try to get some sun time today....i have to deposit one of those child support/aliomony checks today...

    then i am going to local farmer's market meeting a friend and her daughter and doing a dinner w/them.

    then i guess i w/be coming home.

    you all have a good time today on the porch.

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi again Jodie - Have a good time with your friends having dinner and going to the Farmers Marget. Do you get really good produce there? I used to when the kids were younger go there and the fruits and veggies were so good and fresh.

    Don't give in kiddo. Good luck with Cody !!! It is a BIG headache and sometimes a heartache too !! Personally I think it is best to wait until marriage but that is my belief . Not everyone agrees so. So be it and nothing I can do. These kids have a big mess on their hands trying to figure out what is right and wrong. It is so sad !!!

    BTW, kids will try and use whatever leverage they can , believe you me to justify it or whateverit is they want !!!!

    Hi to everyone else on the porch today. I've been busy and haven't had much time to read everything. Hi also to Mrdad,ckball, Linda, Sweetie, Marta , Rock, Darkwaters and anyone else peaking around in those bushes (and from behind the hot tub). Gee that hot tub was GREAT !!

    Love ya,

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  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i can always count on you to give me some words of wisdom....

    well i went to pool and stayed there for about 2 1/2 hours...

    had enough when 3 pm strikes so do all the kiddos...so i left...now i need to get a shower and run some errands...go to the back before 6 pm...

    check in later

  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    linda yes the ex ratted me out...the dirty little rat!

    i just can't condone the actions in my home...i know he will be legally an adult...but i just don't want him thinking i want to be able to have him have all his females or gf's over all the time...what about my own privacy to have a night alone w/a special man sometime or just having my friends over....

    cody has only met three different men two were bf's..the other one was well a hook up thing of a guy i met before...and well anyways since march 2001 i don't think that is too bad for a woman of my stature...i have kept bf's away from cody until i thought it would be something...possibly..months...

    oh well...

    linda sorry you are tuckered out from those shots..i hope everything gets straighted out at the rhuemy's...

    good to you all i am tired..

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    A portable hot tub. Cool! Well, we wouldn't want it too cool.

    When Gordon and I visited Portland last fall, we were given a hotel room w/ an out-of-order air conditioner. It cost $150 per night.

    So the hotel moved us to another room that had an air conditioner that worked. It also had a hot tub/jacuzzi in one corner. The charge posted on the door was $250, but we paid the lower rate.

    This teaches us a valuable lesson. Hot, bubbly water in Portland is very expensive.

    Carla, did you tie the dogs to the lawn mower? Were the dogs pulling the mower? Were you on the mower racing the girls? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Don't worry about the mark on your foot. You can always get a tattoo to cover it.

    What's this about a new job, Darkwaters? Does it involve a security clearance or an agility test?

    Marta, I am just finishing Persuader by Lee Childs. Linda, can you buy rubber duckies anymore or is everything made out of plastic?

    MrDad, hope your son's gig an the pizza party go well.

    I bought my new meds. $18 per bottle instead of $419. Now we see if they will work.

    Linda, those dental problems are the pits. (or cavities) I believe my main purpose in life now that I'm a sr. citizen is to suppport the medical establishment. The dr. did lots of tests at my last visit. The bill was over $2000. Medicare will pay its share, and I will ignore the balance.

    I'd better quit before the computer goes out again. Big waves to everydobby: Granni, Sweetie, Jodie.

  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    cody is still sleeping...the he needs to eat and run to football.

    i'm just plain old tired and stiff like you all are...i was put on a new old diurectic to help w/water rention and help keep the swelling down around my nerves near the carpal tendon area, but it is not working as well as the older one...

    i've always had hormonal problems and put on diurectics since i was like 19 years old...thinking about calling dr. seeing what he suggest.

    i was invited to go out to karaoke tonight i don't know if i w/make it...time will tell.

    i just had my frosted brown sugar mini wheats haven't had them in years...cody decided he wanted cereal before football practice...he usully wouldn't eat before school..these past few years..says he gets sick to his stomach...

    of course i gave him the nutrition lesson in life. well i went to trader joe's yesterday and bought some food....

    hi gordon nice to hear from you...portland charges alot for hot water...

    well gonna sign off for now..

    hi to each and everyone


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