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    I have been ill with FMS/CFIDS for about 8 years. For the past few months I have felt worse than ever. Today I could not even go to church. I am a Christian, born-again believer. My Pastor has gift of Discernment and he feels that God has healed me. Another member of my church feels the same. I DON'T FEEL IT. I want to believe that He has healed me.

    How do I have faith and believe it when my legs are screaming with burning pain, my throat is so sore it hurts to cry, I have no energy to even get out of bed and get dressed.

    Those of you who know how I feel, please, please pray for me. I am so very tired of living this way. It is a beautiful day, the azaleas are all in bloom and I want to get out and enjoy the day. I want to plant flowers in my flower bed.

    I have thought of going to the Fibro and Fatigue Center, but the closest one to me is a 4 hour drive away. And, somehow, I do not believe that this will be the answer for me.

    Thank you for listening. Thank you for understanding and thank you for your prayers.


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    I'm sorry you are hurting physically, emtionally and spiritually.
    I too am a Christian and have not been able to attend church for over 1 yr.
    I pray to be healed all the time, as do many of my friends and family.
    So far it has not happened.
    I don't know that it will, I think God will do what he wants to do an I will have to live with the answer.
    He knows best, in my case maybe there is something I need to learn through this.
    i know I have always been the one to help other's and was a perfectionist.
    well that's long gone:)
    I'm learning eveything doesn't need to be pefect and its o.k. to ask for help (still hard to do:)I still gt angry and dn't understand, but I guess that is where faith and trust come in.
    I pray for your healing, butdont give up if it doesn't happen the way you think it should.
    God Bless,

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Hun, I am so sorry you are feeling this way and having such a difficult time....but I can totally understand as I have been going through some of the same.

    I just want you to know im praying for you hun!!

    Keep your chin up hun!!

    (((Hugs))) & Prayers
  4. Lolalee

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    I was feeling really, really desperate (as the title says) when I wrote this. I am better now. Still feeling awful physically, but emotionally and spiritually stronger.

    Blessings to you Claudia and Bluerose,

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    IM new to the board but not new to prayer my 30 yr old daughter 4yrs ago had invasive cancer and I paniced. but I prayed and believed that she would be healed and she was praise God.then 4yrs ago something happened to my legs and the Drs once again didn"t know what was wrong.Iwalked with a cane for9m0s and prayed I now walk without the cane.my daughter 2 yrs ago had a mass on her kidney and once again we prayed then about 4ws later she ended up in the e.r. and since she does cat scans at that hospital her friends that where on duty did a scan on her and guess what the mass was gone even the Drs told her she was their miracle. so now would"t you think when I became real sick again this winter it would be so easy for me to believe for healing for my self NO! a month ago I just wanted to die I was so scared and felt like it just didn"t matter anymore. but what I come to realize from watching kenneth copeland on t.v. is that what comes out of your mouth happens our words have alot of power in them.I know how hard it is not to say anything when your in pain, but I tried it and it helps me.when my ears start to ring I say out loud that I take authority over the ringing and by his stripes we were healed.it helps me and I ask God to help me have stronger faith.I go to sleep everynite listen to a healing c.d. now I'm not saying that all my problems have left me yet. but I fully expect them to because I"m standed on the word.Isaiah53:3,4,5.and everywhere in the bible when it talks about Jesus healing it says He healed them all.I realized He didn"t turn anyone away when they ask to be healed.if they believed.so thats what I"m doing it really has helped me and yes theres days when I get so mad becauseI have this stuff but i keep a journal and write down the good things that happen that day.like today I was able to go outside and look at my horses. I got to visit with my sister.We just lost our brother 4 mos ago so it means alot to see her when I can.and its thundering out side and my tulips are just comming up and in northern Il that means spring is on the way.I guess what I"m trying to say is I"ll pray for you and I do alot of praying around 3 in the morning so if you wake up don"t feel lonely. been there. sixtylady God Bless.