I did another DIY repair to my golf cart

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. ckball

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    I came back from my ususal ride and walk with the girls and I use it to help landscape and move buckets of dirt and gravel for the yard.

    I went to put it in reverse and it woundn't go, then the beeper stopped beeping too. So I used my car to push it over to the shed I store it in and left it alone. I wrote on the porch about the fisaco of getting it to the shed. See my profile pic.

    Today I saw it was a burnt/broken battery connecter and it actually broke the metal post to the battery. It is a new battery which costs $105.

    So I looked at it and thought how I could fix this problem. I decided to see if I could solder it, so I gathered my things, I used my soldering iron I use for stained glass.

    After about 45 minutes I had it done and it is working. I was so glad it worked as there is no one that I have been able to find to work on my cart. Believe me I have tried, then to get someone to come to my house, well forget that.

    We women need to think about things when we think we need someone else to fix things. I bet most of you could do more than you think you can, if you put your mind to it.

    I just wanted to share my success and hope to get others to take a risk of trying something they have never done, so come on let that DIY shine threw! Carla

  2. fibromickster

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    You are my idol. Way to go girl!!!!!!! I am so proud of you.

    You are so right, if we just put our mind to it and use our common sense we can just fix anything. I love your little cart, I wish I had one.

    Love ya Mickey
  3. Greenbean7

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    According to my DH there is nothing more dangerous than a WWT! (Woman with tools!!)

  4. sisland

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    Good For you Girl!,,,,I'm not surprised that you could do that! after all what do us strong single women need a man for anyway!,,,,,lolol,,,,,Love the photo!,,,,,Sis
  5. Rosiebud

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    we had Mikie fixing her pipes last month and now you soldering parts on your buggy - wow, I am impressed!!!!!!

    This is going to save you loads of money in the future.

    Oh just saw the photo, Daddy car and Baby buggy.

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  6. Cromwell

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    to you Carla, way to go girl. Glad you could fix that. Pre living in USA and having small stick shift cars I used to do all my own car maintenance and repair as I took classes. Don't understand modern cars though.

    Love Annie
  7. Granniluvsu

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    You are Wonder Woman and I am very proud of you. Yes, you are right that us women can probably do lots of things that we normally don't do. However, in that case I doubt it, for me anyway since I don't have the tools or any idea of how to sodder anything. Your glass art trade was definately been helpful to you.

    Way to go girl!! That saved you money and lots of aggravating calls to try and find someone to fix it. I can't believe you can't find anyplace to fix it for you. There are lots of places around here cause there are quite a few golf courses in the area. To bad you didn't live closer (-: !! I would hate to see you without your cart as it is so helpful to you .

    You are definatly an inspiration to us gals !! Way To Go Carla !!


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  8. ckball

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    I was rather proud of myself and it didn't catch on fire when I took it out last night. That cart is my guilty pleasure.

    I just love riding around the area in it and the girls too, they like flying down the hills as much as I do!

    This is a small town and only 2 golf courses and they only work on their own, I went threw this went it did catch on fire last year.

    BUt the guy that fixed it is no longer around here. I am a DIYer because I have to be, sometimes it is trial and error but I just keep at it and it get it.

    Never give up is my motto-good thing I guess or I would be buried in a mud slide by now- Thanks everyone for your kudos.

    Mystic- good job on the vacum, it wasn't that hard was it? And no parts left over-that is a good thing- Carla