I did it!Started on adderall!

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    I talked to my dr about the research i have been doing and the fact that when I took phentermine ( a stimulant used for appetite suppression) my pain level went waaaaay down and my energy went up. Also, with the phentermine/( and I suspected adderall would do the same), I had the desire to get up and do something. I feel like talking to people. I feel like leaving the house.

    I also had discovered that a generic version of vivarin did the same thing for me. So clearly, a stimulant does something to my brain and relieves my fibro.

    I took my first dose yesterday...of the adderall....10 mgs once a day....it is a short acting version....there are extended release ones, too...and we may need to use those later...

    The first day, I actually felt good and left my house and went to the mall with my sons! We weren't there long but it was great to do something with my kids! I didn't feel jittery at all!!! I noticed I felt slightly irritable. It was wonderful! Unfortunately, when I was taking a load of towels out of the dryer, I put my back out again. I was so upset because I was so excited to see what the adderall was going to do for me.

    Today, I am resting my back but i took my adderall. I don't feel irritable at all today. I am still not jittery. This is the answer for me for now. I just need to be careful i don't over do things when I am feeling better.

    I hardly feel different, like with unpleasant side effects, yet I don't hurt and I feel the desire to participate in life again. That is a huge factor for me. It is like an antideppressant in a way! haha!

    I am feeling so hopeful that I will have a great summer, now! I am looking forward to doing things with my sons. Taking them for Dairy Queen, going to the library, spending time by the pool, working in the garden.....going to church again!!!! Just the little things in life that can mean the most!!!!

    I really hope that I don't build up a tolerance for the adderall like I did for the phentermine. I also haven't been groping for words but it has only been two days so I can't say for sure if it is the adderall.

    I also hope that the adderall will affect me like if I had ADHD....I tend to move from project to project , never finishing anything.

    That is my story so far. I hope that this will help someone else. Basically, what I believe is stimulants help with fibro pain and fatigue. Adderall seems to be better because I don't have a ton of side effects like with the phentermine and the vivarin....or even caffeine in a can of pop.....
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    tonight. They were discussing the future uses of this drug and others like it.

    Some were predicting that in the future these kinds of drugs will be used much like cosmetic surgery--we use cosmetic surgery to look better and someday we will use Ritalin, Adderall, Provigil and the like to think better. Boy, could I handle thinking better : )

    Apparently many students, drs., professors, etc. are already using these drugs both legally and illegally. I was amazed.

    I hope that your medication continues to bring you relief.
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    I take adderall and it is the only thing that gives me energy. I used to have to sleep about 7 hours per day and then also sleep at night, but now I don't sleep during the day. I do still have flairs where I have to sleep, but it isn't as bad as it used to be. I take 20 mg long lasting and 10 once the 20 where's off so that I can sleep at night. I made a mistake tonight and took another 20- so here I am... up at 2:21. I know it is just a band-aid fix, but at least I have energy to do something other than sleep all day!

    I was concerned with long term use of Adderall because of adrenal fatigue, but my doctor told me that it only happens in people who are on extremely high doses, so I feel ok doing it. We'll see how it turns out. I've been using it for 3 mths and I feel like I have a huge part of my life back- not all, but I'd say 40% which is a lot!!!
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    I am glad that Queen posted to this....I was thinking i should dig it out and update....I did okay on the short life lower dose but when we tried to crank up the dose to the 20 mgs of extended release, i wanted to throw myself out the window from the anxiety it caused me!

    I really wanted it to work well for me....but, i get anxious and my throat feels like it is closing up....

    Phentermine is my drug of choice for a stimulant, I guess....i liked everything about it except I grew tolerant to it after a few weeks...

    I might give the adderrall another try, with the lower dose again....but the phentermine did wonders for my pain levels on top of the energy boost! the adderall didn't help my pain as well...
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    I take nuvigil which is a version of provigil with fewer side effects. It never makes me nervous. It makes me feel more "normal", about 80% of my pre DD energy for about six or seven hours. For me, that is a big improvement. I am also more focused.

    There is a difference between taking a medication because you need a boost for studying, to get high, etc.

    I would compare it to a diabetic taking insulin, an epileptic taking anti seizure drugs. It adjusts the body to a healthier level.

    I have also found that it reduces my pain. I think like a stimulant helps someone with ADD calm down, these medications if used correctly, may help those of us with this DD with an overreactive nervous system.

    I have never had withdrawal with the Nuvigil and sometimes will go five days or more without taking it. I have also never felt the need to increase the medication to get the same effect.

    Let us know how the adderal works for you.

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    This is great to hear!! My doc gave me Ritalin about a month or so back, the generic form. It made me sooooooooooooooo awfully sick, like nausea, dizziness and vomiting sick!!! My doc said I was probably having a flare and to stick with it. I did, but then one weekend when I wasnt working, I decided to NOT take it and see if I would get sick. Guess what - I didnt. I tried to take the Ritalin again on Monday, just to be sure, and low and behold - got sick again.


    If you dont mind me asking, how much is Adderall anyway? I'll talk to my doc about it.
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    I'm sorry the ritalin didn't work for you.

    I, also take Adderall and have 2 insurances, and I asked my doctor to send a letter to my insurances to explain why I'm taking it, and now I have NO copay for it and get it free. Thank goodness. Before I asked him to send the letter, I had to pay 33 bucks for 1 months supply.

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    Did you stop taking the wellbutrin or did it stop working for you?
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    Hey, Just a note about my experience with Wellbutrin:

    I had of clinical depression for many years [much of which was situational].

    Anyway, along came Wellbutrin and it was almost a miracle.
    My life situation improved at about the same time, so what caused the improved mental health?

    Several times in the past ten years I thought I was well enough to go off the Wellbutrin [wrong], it wasn't long before I was back in the same mess as before.

    I have been taking this drug just to stay at least semi normal for about ten years and don't dare go off it again.

    I have tried St. John's Wort and other alteratives with very scary results.

    I am pumping a lot of pharmaceuticals into my body, yet all my lab. results are good, kidney, liver,BP, bones etc. so at the age of 71 I am not doing too badly for an old girl. cheers Denamay
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    If you get the type of symptoms you are describing, you may be on too high of a dose or don't need it.

    The same is true of children with ADD. If these symptoms continue after having time to adjust to the medication, they are probably not on the right dosage or don't need it. The most striking symptom if taking too much is irritability.

    With ADs the effect is subtle. I tried to get off of them a couple of times and about five days later I would start getting depressed again very subtle. It's funny how you forget that feeling until you experience it again. The first time I went off the AD I was off long enough so I could not chalk it up to any rebound effect if that does indeed happen with ADs.

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    I thought my doc would be resistant since he said No way! when I asked about taking phentermine for weight loss....i told him it was his fault I got so fat because he kept talking me into staying on cymbalta when it made me eat like a machine....now, see what it has done?! so

    I joined Weight watchers (online) and lost 15 lbs...then I went back to him and told him about it and asked again....this time he said yes...I was really surprised! In all, i lost 60 lbs on that round of WW....but, the phentermine didn't speed it up like I expected...

    what it did do was take away my pain and give me back my energy....for the 10-12 hours it was in my system...it was a miracle! i started to look online and discovered that Phentermine was on a short list of drugs that was known to decrease pain...caffeine was also on the list

    i had noticed that taking jet alert, a cheap form of vivarin, helped me in the past but at the time, i had felt so guilty for taking stimulants to try to stay awake to watch over my boys, during summer vacation, I hadn't looked into it more....by the way, jet alert has the same amount of caffeine as 2 cups of coffee so it wasn't too strong for me...

    i continued to take the phentermine most days, during that summer and noticed that it started to not work as well....and in the late summer, early fall, I normally start to feel like crap....and the phentermine didn't help much....so I quit taking it over the winter and would just pull it out and take it if I had to go out of the house for something.

    that is why I started reading up on the adderall and the way it can decrease the pain of FM...and of course, keep me upright and moving with the added energy......

    i think that taking this stuff creates more dopomine in the brain...it makes me think that maybe the cause of FM IS due to lack of dopomine....at least,for me...the constant fight or flight theory wearing us out.....rather than all of the other theories....

    when I take imitrex for my migraines, it takes care of the migraine but it makes my fibro pain shoot through the roof!!! and imitrex messes with the serotonin in the brain to stop the migraine...it is all related in my case....

    thanks gapsych, i will look into the provigil/____? ( i have to re read your post) because i think if i keep searching , I might find just the right med. for me...

    aussie,( i think it was you, if I go back, i lose what i typed)....aussie, maybe if you keep bringing info to your doc, he/she would give in....I really didn't think my doc would cave and prescribe the adderall for me!

    I asked him, at my last visit, if he KNEW that phentermine MIGHT help my pain but didn't want to plant the idea in my head....to get a true read on if it would help me without the placebo effect....well, he laughed and said that no, he wasn't testing it out on me....

    it really does amazing things to kill my pain....

  13. gapsych

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    I had not made the connection between caffein and pain relief. That is what is in some pain relievers.

    Congratulations on the weight loss. I am hoping with the CPAP I will get enough energy to exercise and lose weight. Don't take too much of a stimulant to lose weight. Just the prescribed dose which you already know.

    I think weight watchers is a good solution. I keep thinking I will join but it is not cheap. I desperately need ideas for cooking for one. I eat a healthy diet when not too tired to cook. I never had a problem with weight until this DD started.

    Keep us posted!!!

  14. Debra49659

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    "I demand a drug-pushing physician".....rothflmao!!!!! Let's get tee-shirts with that phrase imprinted!!

    Guess we should also mention something about the fibromyalgia.


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    Was allowed to try Provigil, but it was like my brain sped up, but my body was still lagging behind. So did not continue.

    I'm doing fairly well now as I am not working much due to the economy and can get in extra sleep if I need. (Also, I've got the reverse of the more-common winter type of Seasonal Affective Disorder -- I get up when the sun dawns if I don't wear a sleep mask, and don't get sleepy until after midnight.) As long as I keep cool, I'm okay, but that is hard.

    As for getting my brain to work, I have noticed that pseudophedrine is pretty golden. I've taken it in the past because of sinus problems, but always keep some on hand in case I have to concentrate for a deadline.

    But of course, now even Sudafed requires providing more personal information than renting a car. It's such a pain to purchase now.
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    I WISH cymbalta would have decreased my appetite....it made me feel like a heroin addict craving a fix of vanilla ice cream drenched in T.Marzetti's caramel/butterscotch topping! That stuff is sooooo sweet yet I could just shovel it in! The sweetness seemed less sweet....like when I was pregnant....and was gaining weight fast....

    my body just reacts this way to most drugs....amitriptilene is one that if I just hold the bottle, I put on 10 lbs....

    Gap-weight watchers is just a formula for figuring your points....and you can have a certain amount of points per day based on your weight...if you can get your hands on a paper "sliderule" or a $10 points calculator, you can do it by yourself....you look at the calories, the fat grams, and the fiber grams of what you are eating....put them in the calculator or the slide rule thing and it give you the # of points in the serving of food...

    it sounds complicated but if you eat the same things often, it gets really easy...

    i didn't lift a finger where exercise is concerned....i plan on getting on the treadmill and walking soon....i need time to mentally prepare...heehee....I am so lazy.

    I bought my paper slide rule thing on ebay for a (rip off) price of $10 about 7 yrs ago....the calculator thingy was from weight watchers and you had to be a member to purchase it...but, there are millions of people that have beenon ww so I bet if you looked around on ebay or asked around, you could locate one or get a member of WW to buy you one...

    the frozen meals like lean cuisine, etc have the WW points on the box...so you don't have to figure it out...

    at the first of January, the membership is free for a month but the make you sign up for 3 months....it was not too much though...i think it was about $60 for 3 months online....and it was so worth it....there are tons of message boards there and lots of ladies with fibro on their own message board...

    there is also a FREE weight loss website that is very similiar to WW called Spark something...i will try to find it and put it on here...i would try that first if you want to try something....

    okay, i found it....it is called sparkpeople....then dot...com

    alright...enough...[This Message was Edited on 06/15/2010]
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