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    i went to a dr. that specialist in fm/cfs only. in norwalk, conniticute, it was extensive, the doc. took one look at my tongue, and said yeast, it was white, but i felt my white tongue came from other things, he immidately told me i have yeast in my body. and put me on nystatin.

    i dont know if i have yeast, but i have something, when i eat food my body gets weak, and the only feeling that i want is to lay down, im using this nystatin relagiously, and following the portocal, .........no suger, i havent got the food panel test, but my doctor took about 41 values of blood work up on me, i have to get my result in a month, mean while, im taking this prescription, and i might not hav yeast.

    last night i went out and bought a little white see through glass, so i can do the spit test, i had the water sitting in the glass over night on the counter in the bathroon, the first thing i did as i got up, i didnt brush my teeth,i went over and i spit into this white glass and i look at that spit in that white glass for hours just sitting on top of the water.........so what the heck do i have, it doesnt sound like yeast, the spit did not move from the top, it sat ther as i watch, no movement, nothing going down to the bottom of the glass...im suffereing with something, but i dont know if its a yeast infection [candida] as the calpit.........

    i will do the spit test, again tommorow, water is at room temperature,and im ready. i have insomia.and i definately has something going on.when he read those test back to me i will then and only then know what is wrong with me, beside having high EBV, and HPV.

    THanks for listening. god bless us all

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    i used to get very very tired after a meal too... it means something but i am not sure what. i wonder if people with CFS have a mild form of diabetes. i have heard that most CFS patients have some sort of hypoglycemia. i know the pancreas can be affected by the disease.

    i wonder if you really do have a yeast infection. i am skeptical.

    how did your CFS come about?

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    Something in your post just jumped out at me. The part about getting weak when you eat. The last few days I have noticed instead of getting engery from eating I get tired and feel yucky. Doesnt matter what I eat.

    ummm maybe I'll try the yeast test. My chiro asked me if I could be diabetic. told him I was boderline severe hypoglecmic. I too have high EBV

    the many mysteries of this dd.

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