I DID love my doctor now confused as what to do.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by horsegal, May 29, 2003.

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    I just read a post, "I love my doctor". Well, I've been going on about this great GP that I saw once. She was very understanding. Looked at all my meds and I told her tylenol 3 wasn't enough, so she suggested percoset, I said codeine was a good drug for me. She gave me tylenol 4 to start with. Directions said take one 4-6 hrs as needed. I took 90 in 22 days. I've been riding etc, which she told me to go for. That's 4 per day (88 total) with 2 thrown in for days I competed. Am I over-doing it? She wouldn't / didn't refill it when the pharmacy called it in. I tried to get an appoint today, but she is out and is booked full for tomorrow. I'm supposed to call at 8:30 to see if anyone cancelled. Now I have had 22 days of bliss and almost a normal life. When I'm out of pain meds, everything hits like a brick wall. I have a script that I can call to my rheumy for tylenol 3 if I don't get in to see the GP, but I don't want to be getting narc from more than one doctor. The pharmicist was very nice and said he could take the one request out of computer and put the other one in....I resisted until I see if I can get into the GP tomorrow. The pharm. said I could use the T-3 to fall back on. I was suprised at his understanding and coming up with a good idea) I'm just going nuts with pain, guilt, and confusion. I want to be honest, yet I need relief. YES, I am really whining and I feel awful. Codeine also keeps my IBS under control, usually it constipates people, but with me, it just seems to slow things down enough to be normal. Without it, I have gas, cramps, and the green-apple two step!! I could use some opinions if anyone reads this whole thing.

    Horsegal--today, Whiney Horsegal
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    i went threw this to the dr covering for her is probley the one who denied it,not your reg dr,
    the nurse told me to try reg tylonal!i was soooo mad,
    want til you talk to your dr she will tell you what happened
    also my insurance wants all people on pain meds seen every 30 days this might also be the case
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    to call you today? Then you can ask her today. That's what I'd do. You shouldn't go through all this and if you and she get on the same page and if your insurance script co. has a mail in you can get 3 months at once and a one month one to fill asap and the other to send in. Then see the doc every 3 months for your scripts.

    It isn't right to make you wait and the Drug store is doing it right.

    Sorry you are going through this but, please see if the doc will call you today.

    Good luck and take care, Kim and Gary
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    I could not ride nor pursue my passion for horses if it were not for the pain meds. My doc loves horses too and used to ride. I bring him in pictures of my backcountry experiences and always tell him I would not have any quality of life nor would I be able to pursue the riding without the pain meds. I always tell him how compassionate he is in regards to his patients pain. He gives me 120 5mg oxy per month. Would give me the oxycontin too but really hate that stuff.
    Next time you see this doc be sure and make an appt for the next month right then and there. I always do this. I would love to get off of this pain med but I would have to sell the horses. NOT!!!
    best of luck.