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    AmY BACK IS KILLING ME. I am in so much pain fromthe siiaaticiiia taht it feels liek someeeting is biiting me with the sharpest teeth and it really is so pain full. I can't stand this pain in my back it is so sharp nd naging at me adn I cna't stantd this pain any more.

    I know that part of my Pain is from the swimming class's that have caused so perssure in my back dn it is not rebeling and so painfull tha tI am unable to sleep. I want to just scream now but that would notdo any ating to help me ease tis joptrriable pain. So I am going to go to bed and hopefully I will fall alseep sooner than later. I am so ffatiqued. I need to get some sleep soon so I am saying good nnight now. the pain is getting worse so i need to go to sleep now, I will stop whinning aobut this mow also, Thanks for any hel you vcan given me but this pain is deep and sharp and so, i am off to my bed sto sleep nda hope that I will be sleeping soon.
    LOve to all and theanksssor the help you haev given me for .

    Goodnight Rosemarie
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    rosemarie, i can tell your pain is severe by the way you are typing. I get the same way when in pain. I hope you get a good nights sleep sweetie and will feel better tomorrow. Sweet dreams for you hopefully.
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    Swimming and aquatic aerobic class - this terminology sometimes is used interchangably.

    Are you swimming laps? Or are you taking swim lessons?

    I used to be a lap swimmer, a mile each time, three times a week. Due to inability to get to the pool for five years being the caregiver for my MIL, my FM roared at an all time high.

    First opportunity, I got back in the water. Well, it was horrible, severe low back pain. And because the FM was so bad, that repetitiveness of the strokes (even trying different strokes) added to the pain.

    I switched from swimming to aerobic classes and went VERY SLOW. The aerobic classes gave me variety of muscle strokes and stretches.

    After five years in the classes, I studied throught the Aquatics Exercise Association and became certified.

    When you are in class (we actually should be doing this all the time) it is important to protect your low back, this goes for swimming laps also. Pull your abdominal muscles -- an inch below your bellybutton - into your spine. Got them there???? Now pull those same muscles towards your head.

    This puts your pelvis into a neutral position, we tend to have forward tilting pelvises. Exercise in neutral spine. If you are in a class, reduce your impact even further, (the water is already doing that) to reducing the jolting to your spine.

    STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH OUT THAT SPINE. Hanging on the wall with your hands -be safe get a good grip, walk your feet up the wall, bending your knees, feet side by side on the wall in front of you, waist high, SLOWLY straighten your legs to YOUR point of TENSION, no pain..... and just hang out.

    There is so much more, but I must go.

    DO NOT STOP working out in the water. Modify.

    Good luck.
    Fondly, June
  4. rosemarie

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    I am doing waht is called Hydrofit that is done in the deep in of the pool with less pain in th ejoints and lots of restance for your body. I just can't use the booties of stroform as they cause to much drag and my knees are old adn weak and it makes them throbb for a couple of weeks. And I din't go to night either as I had a busy weekend with my grandson and baby sitting him for awhile. But I do try adn go at least 2 night out of the 5 nights the class is offered. MOre is I feel like it but I don't want to over do it as it causes me too much pain.

    Thanks for you thoughts and concerns,'

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