I din't sleep good last night. I was awaaaake till 4 am

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

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    I finally feel slleep at about 4 :30 am and my husband left his alram clock ringing till I had to get up and shuut it off and that was at 6 am. Then he was in and out of the house and telling me what he wanted me to do today. He says that the house a smell to it anad it is like sour milk , the only thing I can think of is that my grandson spilled milk on my living room carpet this past weekend, And it has smelled since then. I have wahed it with dish soap and water and rinced it with clear water but it still smells in here.

    It could be from the garbagge that he took out to day or from the colths that he uesed to clean up stuff in his den down stairs and it has a sour smell to it too.

    Counldn't this haev waited till later in the morning for him to tell me all the things he wants me to do? He knows that I didn't get much sleep last night so i realy need the sleep and was going to go back to bed.

    I am going to get some carpet cleaner or carpet freshner with baking soda in is to help with the smell. BUt right now is not the time to drive to the store and get what I need to get. AS i am having a hard time keeping my eye's open right now.

    It really ticks me off to have him wake me up and tell me that some thing smells funny or sour and for the life of me I can't smell it. How ever this time I can and I am washing all the dish cloths so they will be nice and fresh and clean. And I am going to clean off the cabnet and stt what I can find inder all the bread wraaapers from a bakery that he likes adn does not know who to throw them away, And this "SOURSMELL" could befrom the milk bottles that he was going to put in the recycle bin but did not rince them out adn now they have a nasty smell so I will have to rince them out with soap and wather to get that smell out of the bottles so I can put them in the recycle bin.

    Some times I really wonder what he thinks I do in a day. He will call and ask me if I am going to go to my swimming class tonight which starts at 9:30pm - 10:30pm and then if I do go it takes me a good two hours for my body to slow down and start to relax so that I can fall alseep. And now he wants me to do some laundy as well and clean the kitchen table off, and the cabinets also.

    It is hard for me to shop as it just tires me out so fast. I need to go to the store and either find some carpet deoderizer or some carpet shampoo that I can just put on the carpet and let it just foaam in adn vaccum it later on. AS my daughter in Odgen has my charpet shampooer. So it is of little use to me. And I don't have the energy to use it either. So any way you look at it I will be exhusted to day and struggle with getting all the things he wants me to get done to day.

    It is far more than I usually do and sicne I didn't sleep last night I have the energy of a wet noodle. IN fact I think that a old dog has more energy that I do. And that is not good for me.

    IF I go back to bed and sleep for a while it will be late in the day before I get started but as sleepy as i am I don't dare drive to get the things I ned to clean the house.
    So what to do is the big question today... I am so tired and achey from over doing it just a bit last night in the Hydrofit class and my body is paying for it.

    PLease for give the mispelled words here as I am typing with my ey's closed becasue I am so sleepy. I guess taht I had better go back to bed and set the alarm clock for 10 am and get some sleep adn then do the shopping . I hate it when he wakes me up in the monings it makes my days seem twice as long as they are. and I end up not feeling so good at all... Well I can't think straight now so it is off to bed for me.
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    You are having a terrible day. Pour some baking soda on the spot he thinks smells bad and vacuum it up tomorrow. Sorry, but he doesn't sound like a real caring person. Maybe it's just today.

    Then, again, I spend lots of time trying to keep our home looking really good. We remodeled a few months ago, so it's pretty important to me. My husband will tell you our house has never been dirty (a big lie). It doesn't matter much to him and since we live in the country, we have a lot of things tracking in. No matter how many times I remind him, he just says that's the way homes are.

    I know his mother worked herself to death cleaning up and cooking for 10 children and her husband, plus hired hands, but that's not for me.

    He does let me sleep until I wake up, because he knows I need the rest and he does cook breakfast. As you surmise, we've both retired recently.

    Hope things go better for you. I'm sure you deserve it.




    He'll get up and always ask me where something is or if a

    bill needs to be paid or something like that. My favorite

    is when he wakes me up and asks me if I know where his

    golfing shoes are because he's going golfing!!! Couldn't

    he have found them the night before? Now he leaves a note

    for me when I get up I can read the note.


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    we teach people how to treat us. I'm exhausted reading all of your emails. You need to TELL your husband this is the way it is, I am always going to be sick, there is no cure , I'm doing the best my body will allow, You are my husband, in sickness and in health, right now its sickness, these men need to help by pick up the slack. If the ship was sinking would he sit there and keep telling u to row knowing how sick u were or would you tell him that if he doesn't want to sink he better help row!!! We teach people how to treat us.I feel soooo sad that sooo many woman don't feel that they should be honored by their husbands, protected,nursed,touched,loved. I hope all woman who are angry at the husband find it in themselves to take that anger and turn it into strength so they can teach their husbands how to honor them, love them,protect them,NURSE THEM and TOUCH THEM. What a loving gift to yourself. Peace to all who are angry and exhausted

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