I don't belong anywhere and can't do anything right

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    Like the title says, I keep having this feeling that I don't belong anywhere. My personality and opinions are so different from most people that the more I am myself, the more I make people think I'm odd, whiny, crazy, or I make them angry of offended. I don't feel that I belong anywhere.

    And then, no matter what I do, I am always doing it wrong. My wife is a saint for putting up with me, but even when I do something I think is totally benign, she can be like "Why did you do that? What were you thinking? Do you think at all?" I have to walk on eggshells at work because I don't know when I'll get in trouble for something I didn't think was wrong. Even my friends will think I'm being a jerk or crazy when I am not trying to be.

    This makes me miserable! I don't believe in hurting yourself so don't think that. But, this makes me totally miserable! Any suggestions, please?!?!
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    Have you had a physical with bloodwork (including your hormones and testosterone) lately?

    Are you seeing a therapist to discuss your thoughts and what is happening?

    How about seeing a local depression support group and discuss there and see what they can recommend and suggest?

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    I think being normal is highly overated!!

    That being said, I think that TwoCatDoctors has given you some excellent advice.

    When I was depressed, I felt the same way. It is not pleasant living that way.

    You are reaching out which is a good start in a positive direction.

    Good luck.

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    Welcome to the board. There is also a depression board on this site if you
    think that would be appropriate.

    Think your got some good suggestions from 2Cat. I have been going to a
    12 step program called Emotions Anonymous for many years. You might
    want to check on line; see if there are any groups that meet in your

    There is another group called NAMI. Haven't been to that one.

    The book "Feeling Good" by David Burns is about cognitive therapy and may
    be helpful.

    A therapist/counselor can be very helpful.

    Visiting this board is also therapeutic. You may want to try the
    Chit Chat board which is a place to socialize and talk about hobbies,
    kids, pets, TV, music, etc.

    Good luck