I don't fit the profile!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Carolyn0508, May 8, 2003.

  1. Carolyn0508

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    I was just reading some comments on the profile for FM'ers and I don't fit it at all! I am a second born child with a Type B maybe C personality. Never had a lot of energy or ambition and am a lousy queen bee but an excellent worker bee. I'm very humble and usually put the needs and wants of others ahead of my own but will occasionally "fall on my sword" if something is really important. So how did I get this disease? Geez, I can't even be sick right :)

  2. PrincessofYoga

    PrincessofYoga New Member

    I think research has found that alot of us fit the type A personalities, but of course, we are all different.

    Unfortunately, this illness is not prejudice. I wish it was.

  3. pam_d

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    I think we have a lot of very different faces (and bodies)! I have been reading a lot about many FMers being ADHD----well, that certainly isn't my background. I think we come from all different places with varied personality types.

    And I spent the first two years of my illness completely disregarding FM----because all my initial symptoms were neurological. I kept saying to everyone, but FM is about chronic pain and I don't have chronic pain! The pain & fatigue didn't come til later for me, and still isn't as bad as the neurological sensations. It wasn't til I did a ton of research that I found out about the huge subset of people with FM that have these neuro symptoms, but, again, not everyone.....

    I think we all feel sometimes like we can't be sick "right"! If we were able to do it right, we'd have something doctors pay attention to, & the rest of society would believe we're actually ill, right?