I don't get it? I am so tired by 8pm I am alseep , then up

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. rosemarie

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    I will be sitting on my couch watching Tv when suddenly I am so sleepy I cna't keep my eye's open , so I drift off and doze not really a deep sleep. I sometimes hear the TV and other people around me and will wake up when someone talks to me.

    This was so bad tonight that at 8pm I struggled and made myself get up and go to bed.. I am wide awake now. I dispise this feeling. I want to just go to bed and sleep.

    I have been getting up at 9am to take my Mom to work as she does not feel comfortable driving. My body hates having to get up before it wants to. IF I had my way I would sleep till Noon.

    But I am not albe to do that so I get up every morning and take her to work and go get her 2 hours later. I do some house work to try and not sleep so I can sleep at night. {It was a thought} I try to not sleep during the day time as it is harder to finally fall alseep in my bed at night. But falling alseep at 2 am is hard on me and sometimes it is even later than 3am, I really don't know what to do.

    I have been on sleep meds and I still will wake up during the night. But I do go to sleep .But not like the scripts say. "Take this pill as you go to bed as you will fall alseep fast." Wrong answer or at least for me. I do fall alseep faster than normal but it is not the immeitaite {SP} sleep that I have been told happens.

    So I am at my wits end and so sleepy I can't stand it. I ache and hurt and my wirst is throbbing and I can't put it down on the key board as it hurts bad. I shattered my left wrist just over 2 years ago and since our weather turned cold {-6 tonight} I have been having alot more pain in the wrist and now to night I can't touch it or lay it againt the key board as it hurts , burns, stings, well you get it.

    Ok I am done whining as this typing is starting to hurt moe and I have to take soem thing for it asap.
    thanks for letting me vent and whine. Sorry about the spelling.Between this wirst acting up and not sleeping I think I am losing my mind.
  2. TinaJones

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    Well, it's almost midnight and I'm right there with you, Rosemarie :( I am SOOO "sleepy" tired from about 6pm until 9pm...then I'll either collapse in bed and wake up a couple hours later OR (like tonight) get a "second wind" and be an insomniac until 2am or later.

    My body is flaring big time right now because of the cold. I'm over in Colorado...we've been here about a year (from CA) - I didn't know what cold could do to a person with FMS until this last December through now. My goodness, it's pain that goes deep into the bone, it feels like. We love it here but I wonder if it's contributing to my worsened health??

    Anyway, wish I had answers for ya - but I do know how frustrating it is. People with FMS need to sleep at night, to let their bodies try to "mend" a little. It's frustrating!!

    Hope your wrist feels better, and that hopefully you get some sleep - sooner than later - tonight. Take care :) --Tina
  3. spacee

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    Get up around 9 pm. Then go to bed for the night about midnight and wake up at 9am. My body wanted that schedule. I had had an afternoon nap too. Now it seems to be leaving the after supper nap off.

    Hope you feel better. I was in Connect. when it was 6 degrees. I left!

  4. Daisys

    Daisys Member

    You describe what I went thru for years. Sometimes I think I actually never got into a deep sleep, or ever got completely alert. I could sleep for 12 hours and still be in a mental stupor, very sleep deprived.

    I was diagnosed with alpha wave intrusion sleep disorder. This is common with FM. Alpha waves are the lightest sleep, when you are still aware of noises, but are drifting. A normal sleep cycle involves going into the delta wave sleep and then later the alpha waves pull you out of the deep sleep for another cycle. If the alpha waves keep intruding on the deeper deep, you never get the restorative sleep, and will be dead tired no matter how many hours you sleep. We need the delta wave sleep to be refreshed in the morning.

    The reason the alpha waves intrude is that with FM, the CNS is revved too high, and doesn't come down enough for the deep wave sleep.

    I tried a lot of different things, herbal and sleep aids, but nothing helped me until I was put on xyrem--a CNS depressant. Now I do wake up refreshed in the morning and don't need naps. All my symptoms got better once I started getting good sleep.

    This problem showed up with a sleep study. I don't think all doctors know to look for it, tho, because both sleep specialists that I've done sleep studies with didn't pick up on it. The doctor I go to who trained in the Teitelbaum protocal saw it, and got me on xyrem.

    I'm hoping that xyrem will retrain my brain, and I'll eventually be able to sleep normally without it. I hear that's a possibility.

    Maybe something to talk to your doctor about? Have you had a sleep study done?

  5. zenouchy

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    If I were you, I'd tell your doc you are still sleeping terribly and see if he/she you can try a different sleep med. They all work differently. If that doesn't help, I'd take it to the next level and see if you can get a sleep study. I need to get one too, but am waiting until I get some other health stuff down to a dull roar.

    I know for me that the more bad night's sleep I get, the harder it is to sleep the next night. It seems to snowball. Hope you get some relief very soon and some good ZZZZzzzzs!

    Warm hugs, Erika
  6. tracii

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    I can remember having to sleep an awful lot ever since junior high. I would nap when I came home & would need at least 12 hours sleep per night. Never had a problem sleeping on the school bus or in class! Was just so damn tired.

    In my current situation I get extremely poor sleep. I'm used to sleeping on a nice, warm waterbed (practically anytime I wanted). Now my "bed" is one of those inflatable types.

    Dinner has to be made (even though I'd rather be sleeping at this time). I've tried for months to nap on a loveseat (comfortable it is not!) I ATTEMPT to share a couch while my mom watches TV (ear plugs & eye mask included! Certainly cannot sleep with Super Nanny or Idol cranked up! Mom usually moves into her bedroom at around 9pm.

    Meanwhile my hubby tries to nap on a lounge type chair. IF I get an hour of "sleep" I'm lucky. Then I get up and prepare to take a bath. Gets so hot in there I get weak, can barely wash my hair. Meanwhile, hubby gets up & does the dinner dishes, wipes down the counters, brings in wood for the fireplace, takes out the garbage, laundry, etc.

    Then the TV, computer & lights are on until hubby comes to bed around 2:45 am. I wake up all night long & seem to get my best sleep somewhere between 7-8 & 10 am.

    It is SO time to get out of where we are but without 2 incomes & the vicious cycle of needing $ for healthcare & not having $ from lack of working to somehow hope to get well enough to bring in some $, we are stuck. SIGH....

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