I don't know anyone who can do massages for CMP

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    I am not so thrilled at the latest doctor's comments on the condititions that I have. I thought that just having fibro was painful enough but now I get to add Chronic myeofacial pain syndrome. I know that it causes my fashia to twist and turn and make knots all over my body.

    But as much as I like having a massage the last time I had one I broke out in a rash from the aroma that was put in the oils used on me. I still have these lovely purple spots on my legs from this rash and so I am not so ready to have this done again.

    But my back is hurting so much lately that it is hard to walk and stand and even sitting. When I have been sitting for a while I can't stand up straight as it hurts so deep in my back and in my knees. I am just falling apart.

    I really need a body shop. You know the kind where you go in and they jack up my glasses and put a WHOLE NEW BODY in where the old one was. LOL
    That would be so great if it could be done. Just think of all the things you could cure if you could just switch out parts that were defictive.And put in a good one in and poof your new again. But since that is impossiable to do I will just have to live with this one.

    I am tired of having pain in my back , hips , thighs wrist, head, and muscels. I really don't want much just less PAIN in my life. I am seeing a good pain doctor who has worked wonders with medication for me. I would have liked to have been able to have the facet injections but I am allergic to steriods , they make it {joints} burn like there is lava running threw my body and it makes that pain worse and it only gets worse never better. So that is OUT.

    So I am up a creek with out a paddle. I am on some strong narcoitcs and that brings on stress from family who think that "OMG MOM is addicted to her MORPHINE" becasue she is so sleepy all the time and can't remember things like conversatations that I have had and then blanked out and lost it. I get told this so often now that I have started to tell them to find a way for my pain to ease so that I can try to be the mom I once was or back off and don't tell me that i am addicted to my meds.

    I have had some days were the fatique has gotten so bad that I will be reading a book or watching TV and the next thing I know I am startled out of a sleep and sometimes I just sleep for 3-4 hours and I miss taking my pain meds so I don't take them as often as I should do. And I pay for it too.

    Tonight was not one of the best nights. AS my hubby took one SIL fishing and left the other one cooking dinner over the grill. So my daughter wife of the SIL that was fixing dinner came up and was all in my face about all the things she does for us LOL Ha HA and why did dad mad at her. Well if this sil really wanted to go then he should have opened his mouth and asked my hubby to take him. And since he did not do this he was left home. So both daughters take my grandsons {one grandson is 14 months old and I don't see him very often, and the other is my step grandson who I only see 1 time a month as the other weekend they get him they go to see his REAL GRANDMA} I wanted to play with the baby but the girls just walked off.

    So after a hour I knew about where they had walked to ,So I got in the car and drove there a block from my mom's house. I can't walk that far. It is to painfull for me to do and I will pay for it for days afterwards. AS we were leaving the oldest daughter asked me " So you had to drive over here , why couldn't you just walk over her like a normal person." I answered her with this ".
    " I can't walk this far and you damn well know it so quite B*&&^ at me about what I can and can't do in your eye's" So she is a bit miffed at me now but I am not going to take this bs about her comments on what I take and if I can walk any distance .

    I struggle with my girls because they want the old mom back who would do everything with them and spend money on them for because I had it to spend. I can't work any more ,after having not just one doctor tell me the I am unable to work at all but 2 doctors tell me the same thing, so I don't have money like I once did. And now I am in more pain that ever before. And for some odd reason they can't get it threw there heads that I have to take care of me and they are grown up and want to be called adults. So they need to act like they are adults instead of children.

    My youngest is the best of the 3 girls she is ok with me takeing care of my grandson and taking pain meds. She knows that I can't lift him or carry him but I can watch the little guy and love to do it. But she talks to me about my taking meds for pain and she after having had a baby went through agood deal of pain from labor. So she thinks that she understands that pain in real and I am not faking it. But the others don't get that . But at least they try .

    And all my days are not like this one. I just get really irratated when my husband will take a sil and not both of them and they the daughter whines to me about it. I have to tell them that if their hubby wants to go fishing with their dad then the HUSBAND should get off his butt and ask his FIL if he to cam go fishing too. And leave me out of it. I am not the one who says you get to go and you don't so leave me out of it.

    I have reached this point where I am tired now and I hurt emotionally and phycially too. So I am going to take a hot bath and take my meds adn go to bed after wards.

    Thanks for letting me vent I really needed it.
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    Vent away dear... This is the place for it and you'll never find a more compassionate audience.

    Now, as for the CMP, I bought a trigger point pro from massage warehouse(online). About $35 shipping and all, I think, but was the best money I've spent. It is stiff enough and curved just right that you can hit all of those Trps just right. I also bought the trigger point therapy workbook (second edition because it's been updated)from a book store. Massage warehouse has one, but I don't think it's the updated one. You can probably get it at any bookstore. It shows you where the referred pain patterns are and that you can actually have secondary Trps, things to look for and how to massage them. This way, it only costs once, no repeated drives and payments to massage therapists and trying to squeeze in an appointment and having to wait a week and all that good stuff. I've actually gotten much better results from doing it myself anyway. I understand you frustration with you kids. I have a lot of the same reations from my family. They just don't understand and unfortunately most of them don't seem like they actually want to either. Myofasical pain is a relatively new concept (I'm am finding out) even to our doctors as far as treatment goes. It's been around for a long time actually but originally I think they thought it was in our heads, much like the fm. I actually had to print out information and take it to my last doctor. I'm now blessed with a NP that has fm. cmp and lupus, so she understands and has put time in researching also. Check on those 2 tools and I promise you won't regret it. I hope you get some relief soon and I'll be praying for your family to have the desire to understand you and your condition more. And rant away here when you need too. I've never had anyone say even the slightest negative thing about mine. They are so incredibly supportive, they completely understand our frustrations and trials and I couldn't ask for a better bunch of friends.
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    bumping for Rosemarie.

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