I don't know if I should be mad

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BeanyMalone, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. BeanyMalone

    BeanyMalone New Member

    My Dr. referred me to a "pain specialist" because I have been having severe, throbbing pain in my right hip and leg. Anyway when I left they gave me a print-out, listing my conditions, the tests they ran blah blah. The first paragraph read "Debra is a 44 yr old female with arthritis and "fibromyalgia". Why the quotation marks? I felt really offended. Just what does "fibromyalgia" mean?
  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    Boy, would I be tempted to write that doc a note...about something nonthreatening and put "Dr" in quotes. Sheesh.

    It just shows his/her ignorance. Fibromyalgia is widespread muscle pain plus a lot of other symptoms like brain fog for one. I can't think of the others cause of brain fog ;)

    But if you just have pain in one hip and down that leg, it doesn't sound exactly like Fibromyalgia.
    I would question that "diagnosis".

    These docs....

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'd be mad, but don't know as it does much good.

    Some people can easily get another dr. For others it is difficult and/or expensive.

    When I was a kid the dr. would make a house call, charge $3 and give you a prescription
    which the village druggist would fill for $1.79.

    Modern docs can do more providing a) you can afford the treatment and b) the doc or the staff
    doesn't give you the treatment someone else was suppose to get.

    I am an old man. Do I sound like I'm outta sync w/ the modern world?

  4. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Please do not refer as Fibro as a "wastebasket" diagnosis!! That is what we are fighting against constantly!
    That is an old and uninformed way of thinking.
    Fibro is a diagnosis unto itself. Yes we may not know what causes it, all that is involved in it, how to cure it - but to say that it's a waste basket diagnosis makes me cringe.

    For example -Vit D deficiency is not Fibro - it is Vit D deficiency.

    If you can find another condition that you have, treat it and not have the symptoms of Fibro, then I would say you suffered from the other condition, not Fibro.

    Some doctors just throw a diagnosis on people because they do not take the time to explore other things - but if all other things have been exhausted with no specific cause, then Fibro it may be. Before I was diagnosed, I went through all of the other testing to rule things out - as everyone should be.

    I would never see a Dr. who called Fibro a wastebasket diagnosis. Gosh with all of the people here fighting for someone to believe in them.........
  5. BeanyMalone

    BeanyMalone New Member

    I appreciate the support! Actually this doctor had nothing to do with my fibro diagnosis..that was done by a neurologist years ago because of possible MS...he did some pressing on the points of my back and some other tests and told me I had Fibro. I had never heard of it, I just assumed my muscle pains and stuff were cause I was a lazy couch potato. So for this doctor to put it in quotation marks irritated me. I know the leg pain isn't fibro, I have severe arthritis too. Which is obviously a diagnosis he believes in since he didn't write "arthritis".

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