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    It seems that I'm always begging for prayer. I just got notified that the house that we rent is being taking over by the bank! We have 14 or so more days to move out. The "lady" that told me this didn't care so much about us getting taken to the cleaners by our "so called land lords". She said "well I get you 1000 to move out". I told her that we have literally no money. We live check to check and have no bank account. We just
    emptied a change jar to pay for gas . I may have a dollar on change if I looked through the drawers. But she didn't care.
    So I told my husband this and we may have found an apartment close by but I don't know where we are going to come up with the 1700. or more to move out on. And that doesn't include food
    gas,or the bills .
    It true that live there will be cheaper but it going to be a struggle for awhile. I'm living in a nightmare.
    God must have something truly amazing in store for us to under this much attack. I hope that this ends soon because I like being the one praying for others not the other way around.
    Please pray that our rebate check comes in soon . It's just 613.00 but it will help some.
    Thank you all for your prayers. I know that life is hard on everyone right now so please know that you all are in my prayers . I know that God will get us all through these hard times. We will have good stories to tell our grandchildren about how we got through this recession .
    May God bless you all.
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    I certainly can understand about financial problems. More than once I've emptied the piggy bank just to buy a few groceries.

    We've had times where we didn't know where our next house payment was coming from. And we still have bills that get paid late every month.

    Sometimes what we have coming in and what we have going out doesn't even add up on paper. But somehow we still scrape by. God is with you. In times like these I always claim the scripture Philippians 4:19. Hang in, keep trusting, and looking up.

    Hugs and Prayers,

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    We have a wonderful church . But so many of our members are going through similar hardships that we may loss our building.
    That won't hurt us that much though we have a very strong bunch a people in the church . We'd just have church services at someone's home . Right now all they can probably do is pray and help us move out to an apartment. I know everything well work out alright but this is nuts.
    We signed a two year lease and have only been here ten months.
    The people that had owned the house are crooks. Our rent just went into their pockets.I really pity them .Vengeance is the Lords and heaven help them. I really pray that they see and repent of what they have done. I know that God is going to bless my family for doing the right thing . Hopefully we don't lose our cool through this trial and they see how real Christian's act during hard times.
    My husband is going to call their bank today and ask for more money to move out on . We were told yesterday that they
    should have offered us up to 2500 to move out . So will see if that happens . My husband spoke to the lady that came to the house last night and she threatened him. She was acting like she was doing us a favor be offering us only 1000. She's then said to him that she could have offered us 750..
    That really was the wrong thing to say to my hubby . But he kept his cool. I hope that this guy at the bank can help us but will see.

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