I don't know what to do any more.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    There is no trust in my family. MY daughters don't belive that I am really in as much pain as I say I am in. And I sleep too much becasue I am addicted to the pain pills I am taking.

    My husband tells me this often that I need to watch how many pills I take as I tend to fall alseep on the couch and that it because I must have taken to many of the pills right? NO way, It is that I am so fatiqued that i can't keep my eye's open.

    Where has the trust gone. My daughters are not as trusting of me as they were. And they truely think that all I think about during my day is when can I take my next pain pill and it is not that way at all. Right now I am one MSContin 100 mgs and I should be taking them 5 times a day but since I fall alseep and nap I forget to take them all. So as I got out the meds to ready my daaily pill box I found that i had only taken three dose's not the five as I am to take.

    I dont understand why it makes my daughters think that they know more about what I have and how I feel than I do? They don't live with me yet they seem to think i take far tomany pain meds during the days. And they want the OLD MOM Back and I don't rememeber her much. I know that I liked to shop with them and I worked hard and had my own money and spent it one them so that could be the reason as I don't work any more.

    But what is it about me that they don't like. Is it that I sleep to much or that I can't walk a city block? Or is it that i walk funny like I am in pain { I don't know where they would get that idea?} I walk like a duck as I waddle around trying to get things done. I can't vaccum my floors and swepping it so hard to do. and for get mopping the floor and so many times I hear that MOM if you will just clean up the house I will come and vaccum it and mop you floors and I get the hosue cleaned up and no one is there to help me do what I can't do.

    No I am not the asame perosn I once was. But can't they see that I Love them and want them to be happy and to respect me like I respect them. Have I changed taht much that I don't seem to care about them.. I don't know anymore.

    I would like the real me to show up and take over once more.But that wil never happen. So I will have to live with who I am now and so will the family.

    Thaks for the gripping session I really needed it. AS i ahve had a hard day. I talke earliler about muy sister taking my pain pills and I have learned that i have to lock them up and not tell her that i have any of them. What a sad way to have to live...

    MUch love to all ,Rosemarie
  2. ellie5320

    ellie5320 New Member

    why don't you take them with you to dr next time I think as they cannot see anything broken its not broken my family seem to be the same not hubby though luckily he said he can tell whem my pain is bad. we all wish for the person we were but thats not going to happen I always say to my family I could have something worse ( don't ask me what on a bad day)juat be thankful for that good luck
  3. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    The family including the hubby wil not go with me to the pain doctors.And to top that off they think he is a "QUACK" as he will prescribe pain pills to almost anyone or so they think but as they have never been there with me they don't know what he does. I wish that they would give me the benifit of the doubt and try to understand that this doctor is a good man and would not over prescribe pain meds for me. He moniters everything I take and I can only fil my meds once a month. But it does not seem to matter what I think as I am stoned on my drugs.
  4. painandagony

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    I think that is one of the hardest things - feeling like people don't respect us anymore. How can they think they know more about our illnesses than we do? The respect issue is huge for me too. Sorry your immediate family is doing this.

  5. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I was wondering, are you taking 5 100 mg MS Contin?

    You may have developed tolerance and need to go off it for a while and then back on at a lower dose.

    My pain specialist explained, quite often with chronic pain patients, they will develop tolerance to the opiates. At that time, he puts them on a drug called Subutex which controls pain, and at the same time prevents any withdrawal effects while stopping the opiates. It gives your body a rest.

    Then after a time, he can restart the opiates and the patient gets pain relief at a much lower dosage.

    That is why it is important to have a knowledgable pain specialist who understands these drugs.

    I am sorry your family does not understand but they probably want to help you and don't know what to do. The only thing they can see if the meds you take.

    If you are interested in the Subutex protocol to stop opiates for a while, you will need to find a doctor who is a addiction specialist. Doctors have to be specially licenced to prescribe Subutex.

    Subutex is very easy on your body and also easy to taper off. I know you have alot of pain but the meds may not be working very well if you have developed a tolerance.

    I also understand wanting to nap when you are fatigued.. I cannot sleep at night and take a med that leaves me sleepy the next day. (Restoril)

    I have to be careful not to take that drug all the time because it is also very addicting.

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