I don't know what to do?

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    This is my first time on this forum...I hope some of you can give me some guidance:

    My Significant Other is bordering on Type 2 Diabetes and does not believe that diet and exercise have any bearing on his blodd sugar levels.

    He does not deny the disease, just feels that the doctors are too rigid in their ideas and feels that in his particular case diet has not improved his situation. I can attest to that fact...more often than not, after eating foods high in carbs, i.e. pasta, rice, bread, etc. his blood sugar number actually goes down. Conversely, when sticking to a strict non/low carb diet his numbers spike up.

    1. What are your experiences?
    2. Are they viable alternative treatments?
    3. Is there any medical test to determine if his body is actually producing insulin?
    4. What do I do now?

    Let me add, I watched my Father die from this disease...I know what's coming but my partner doesn't feel that my experience with my Father will be duplicated here.

    Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Were you aware this is forum is for FM &/or CFS? You maybe hit the wrong forum (we are next door to the diabetes forum)? You would want to post on the diabetes forum for folks with diabetes.

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    She tells me that the early signs of diabetes is that the pancreas over-reacts by producing too much insulin.

    Dr. William Wong N.D. has an interesting article on his use of Systemic Enzymes in dissolving the scar tissue from a damaged pancreas.

    Some diabetes is due to a lack of chromium. Its a cheap mineral to try. A hair analysis can check this for you and it might discover metal toxicity too.

    Yes, this is the CFS/FM forum, but like my Aunt's bathroom wall stated "We aim to please, you aim too please"

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