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    Hi, I am a 35 year old female with weird things going on. It all started about 6 1/2 years ago with what I think may have been an anxiety attack. This was on New Years Eve day, all of a sudden I got extrememly lightheaded, felt like I was going to either toss my cookies, or pass out. I had extreme nausea that lasted for 3 months, in these 3 months I had all kinds of bloodwork done and the only thing that showed was a reactivated EBV infection.

    After the 3 months of nausea went away, I started getting these weird bug crawling sensations, everywhere, its sometimes difficult to wear clothing that is to tight because it makes these feelings worse, or it can actually bring the feelings on.

    After 5 years of these symptoms, my PCP finally agreed to send me for a brain scan to see if I had MS. It was normal, except for a sinus infection.

    I suffer from migraines, so, last September I had a c-spine MRI done, showed a bulging disk at C-3, and also I have no curvuture to my cervical spine. I suffer from neck and headaches almost everyday, shoulder spasms, and burning pain up the back of my head.

    I went to the neuro again, this is my third trip there, she had never said anything about another MRI. So today she said that she would like to have the LP done, and at the last visit she said that it is usually done as a last resort, and usually also after they seen lesions on the MRI, and that even if I don't have lesions, the LP would be useless to diagnose me.

    I'm really going nuts with these strange sensations, is this common with fibromyalgia, because she seems to be leaning more towards fibro or a post viral thing.

    I have to have more bloodwork done, already had a pile of it, everything is good there.

    She wants to repeat my Lyme, and sed rate. She also adding T-3, T-4, TSH, and hemoglobin. She mentioned metabolic profile, but when I got home it wasn't on the script. So called, and they said that she said that what she wrote was sufficient for now.

    Does anyone else have these weird symptoms and still have normal lab work and MRIs?

    Thanks for you help, Jennifer
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    ANXIETY!!! I can't imagine anxiety can cause this must havoc on a body. Thank you

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