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    My SIL is on Sequreol and is drinking alochol with it. I thought you were not to drink with any antidepressant, aniexity meds ect. But he told my daughter that his doctor told him it was ok to drink booze as long as he takes his meds an hour after he stops drinking. But by that time he has passed out and missed his dose. I am so worried about and my daughter and grandkids. It scares me to think what could happen to him because he drinks and takes his meds or stops taking his meds so he can drink.

    He has been in Afgainstian for the past year and then he was in Qutar for 4 months. So he has not been home alot and he does not help my daughter with the kids or the house work and then he adds stress's by drinking with his meds. It really scared her as his best friend passed away after drinking with him one night the friend was taking narcoitics and should have not been drinking either. I can't tell him to not drink with his meds becasuse it is not my business and he will not listen to me or anyone else. I am ihis MIL not his mother. So talking to me won't work, I am worried for the both of them.

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    Is he receiving therapy?

    And no, he shouldn't be drinking and I seriously doubt his doctor allowed it. This is a serious medication and needs to be taken on time and the entire daily dosage.

    All your daughter can do is urge him to continue seeing his doctors to help resolve his issues.



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