I don't know why I feel like I do.sorry I posted 2 x

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I woke up this morning so sick to my stomcahe that I felt like I had thrown up all ready as there was so much acid in my throat and mouth.

    I fianlly found my antinausea medication visterial and it has helped today but I still feel a bit sick still and I don't feel so good and I hate it so much.

    I don't like to be sick and throwing up it is some thing that I really hate and it terrifies me for reasons I don't know why.

    so I just ate liquids today and rested alot and slept too.
    I don't know why I feel like this as I have not eaten anything that could cause this sick feeling. I am starting to feel better now.But I sure hope that it is over with and I will be getting better.

    I have not idea what is going on with this feeling. I am so sick at times and I hate it. I am so tired and fatiqued all the time and I just want to sleep now.

    I am not one that gets sick to my stomache but today is one time that I have been sick to my stomache and I hate feeling like this. It is so scary for me..

    I have not been feeling good lately but I thought I was starting to flare. And then my stomache gets sick and I am feeling worse. What is up with this? I don't ususaly do this or feel like this.

    My pain in my left wrist is so baddd to day that it is buring and stingging me. And I feel like that all over. I ache and ache more than usual and the pain is so much deeper than just my muscles acheing , it feels like the pain is radiating from the bones .They feel like they have been hit with a sledge hammer. As the pain is so bad.

    I don't know what to do? I know that some of this is from being stressed and I am trying not to feel like that but it is so hard when you know that you don't have money to pay your bills and your husband is still usuing his credit card to help out your daughter and her husband and our grandson. I know that they needed a new water heater and it cost more because my hubby didn't have his tools with him so he had to charge them to get it all fixed right.

    I know that I have disease's and that it can do some strange things to your body, I just wonder why they seem to change around and the symptoms that I get from time to time change around and I never know just what feeling I am going to get.

    Am I going to be sick to my stomcahe? Or my legs and body going to throbb all the day long.?Am I going to be so fatique will make me be out of it all day long.

    I get so ill that I can't see straight and then I am so dizzy that I can't walk like a normal person. Why does this dd do this?

    Is this just me? Am I the only one that gets sick to my stomache and then is in so much pain that I can not do any thing at all.? Why is this happine to me now when I have things to do?

    I just want to be semi normal not this person who walks like they are in their 90's and I am just 50. I don't like to be sick to my stomache and having pain that is not controlable at all. It seems like my symptoms will change as my stress does. And this past week I have been really under stress and I know that it is screwing up my body and is adding to my pain.

    HOw I just want it to stop and to let me rest with out being sick and ill and in so much pain. Please let me know if this is just me that this happens too? Or am I just the one with the abnormal symptoms once again.?

    I know that I am whinning aobut this dd adn how and what it does to me. I have reached a breaking point where I can't stand the cangeing symptoms .Where I will be in intence pain one day and the next I am sick to my stomache and feel like death warmed over. I don't know if it is the intenec pain or what it happeneing to me?

    I think I am losing my mind somedays from this and I hurt to much now that i have to go to bed before I fall down.
    Sorry for being such a baby about this,
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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sounds terrible. Is this stomach problem new? Do your meds help?

    How about old fashioned remedies like baking soda?

    Hope you feel better soon.
  3. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    Are you taking tramadol. I would get so sick if I had to take the full dose. My script was take when needed and if I needed it for the full four dose I would get really sick to my stomach and end up in the bathroom throwing up. And then feeling so weak because of stress and the stregth it took to throwig up. I called my doctor and they immediatly took me off the tramadol and put that I was having allergic reactions to it and they put me on something else.

    If you are taking tramadol or a med that when reading the side effects throwing up comes up under serious side effects then call your doctor right away.....Sue
  4. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Rosemarie, maybe you have a bit of flu. It's easy to forget that we can get sick-sick too. What does your doc say?

    Hang in there.

  5. sascha

    sascha Member

    do you know your diagnosis for what's wrong in your stomach?

    i bought a book called, 'Patient Heal Thyself' by Jordan Rubin. i bought it because i was having bad IBS symptoms. Jordan chronicled his fight through onset and duration of Crohn's disease. he found a way to get out of his terrible stomach problems. he almost died from the condition, but in his books (there's another called'The Maker's Diet') he has all sorts of great advice on creating health in the innards.

    he is doing great now- owns The Garden of Life natural supplements company. i buy some of their products to help keep me going.

    i took some of his book suggestions. i always believe there MUST be some way to address a problem!! best of luck to you- sascha

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