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    I am 66, and I have several symptoms I have read about.. they have been present for several yrs. -only some are getting worse..

    I am new..its 6:30a.m. and I have been awake since 4--trying to get comfortable in bed..finally just got up. This is usual for me 5 out of 7 nights a week. IF I can go back to bed..I may sleep 2hrs..4hrs..6..and still wake up tired. I feel edgy.. like my nerves are on the edge at least 12 out of 24hrs a day..especially when I start to feel tired. I can be sitting with family..and get the edgy..I HAVE TO MOVE..or at home I HAVE TO LAY down feeling to take the edgy feeling away...but don't sleep, or IF I do ..for an hr.

    I have stomach problems..have for yrs..but also have a deformed pancreatic(sp?) ducts..and so called sensitivity to foods..take POC.. and watch diet..not much help..have gone from IBS symptoms to chronic constipation(probably due to taking more pain type meds-also over the counter)

    I have back, neck, shoulder pain..weakness-comes and goes..went to Dr. a week ago as the pain in shoulder blade was concern..had previous rotator cuff surgery..said its similar..muscle/skeletal.. put me on Naproxen..see me in month.. I told Dr. then about the edgy feeling when pain is bad across neck and shoulder..."Like finger nails on a chalk board"--that statement was ignored. There are times I actually feel like my muscles are getting an electrical stimuli..I sort of jump with these..when I have this edgy feeling..

    I have been on Xanax for several yrs. and I have had to take my full dose for the past yr. Tried before that not to take 3 a day.

    I am either burning up(air on 67)and that feeling can change in a manner of a few minutes.. or especially at night if I have slept..wake up ringing wet..about 3 times a week..

    I also take meds for migraines..PRN..I get the aura..rarely(thank God) the full blown...but its bad with dizzy lights flashing..spinning..These only happen a couple times a month..

    I know due to age..what the Dr will say..joint pain..hard work..pancreatic..etc.. I do a lot of reading..and I am just curious.. cause I am not in denial of "maturing" ;-)..but it does seem that all this has tripled in the past yr.

    I try to eat well.. I try to stay very active inasmuch as we live in country..and I have big garden and flowers etc. I keep active in winter with home and crafts. Exercise due to knees, back etc has been put on back burner..which I used to do in moderation.

    I guess I am asking for affirmation..that I am not just having "age" symptoms..that it is more...at least I can live with the combined..and learn how to deal. Family history..women had arthritis..heart issues..but longevity.

    Any suggestions appreciated..ty.

  2. msnova74

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    If you can get to a rheumatologist please do.

    Your symptoms could be several issues including FM,CFS, polymyalgia rheumatica etc.

    A rheumy would be the type of MD that could diagnose this.
    And there are meds that help.

    I hope you get some answers. I know for me that the unknown was much worse than having a named adversary to fight.


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