I don't like windy days and stormy nights

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Once again here in Utah the weather is changing from wawrmer than usual weather to high winds and snow and much cloder. Just what I wanted to freeze more. I hate the changes in weather as it makes me feel so much worse , achey and cranky, not that they have any thing to do with each other.

    I just don't feel right , I am so achey and so fatqiued right now that I could cry but I won't. I am sick of feeling sick of living with pain that no one understands what is happening to my body. I have told you that my family does not get fibro or mps. All I ever hear from them is {"Mom you need to stop taking your pain meds"} {"You take too many different meds together"} IN the past few years I have gone from taaking 5 100 mg mscontin a day to now taking 2 60mg mscontin.

    I have changed from MSIR 30 mg 4x a day to hydromphone 4mg 3 x a day. Soma is the same still four times a day but that is mostly from late afternoon to the wee hours of the morning. I sitll take my xanax and most likely will for ever as every thing I have tried to get me off the xanax causes me to have strange side effects. So why take them if they only make me angry,shaky, sick and just feeling so much worse.

    I am just having a day where I dont feel great, my body aches, bones ache and head aches, I dont' know what to do about any of it and dont' feel bad enough to take a pain pill. I really would like a day of feeling more normal. don't think that wil ever happen.

    Thanks for letting me vent,
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    I am new to this board, but I am like you. Pain everyday and it is very depressing. I live in California but the wet weather is really hard on my body. I refuse to take very much medication cause all that stuff is bad for you. My orthopedic has me doing water exercises but with what I have the water was hurting my body, and I am limited of what I can do. Now I go in the sweat box and the hot tub at the gym and that helps alot. I put 024 on before i get in the water and steam room. I know what you are going thru Rosemarie. Just thought I'd put my 2 cents in, I hope you didn't mind. Thank You. Bobbie48
  3. clementyne

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    So sorry that you are feeling so bad right now. I know that for myself it seems like low barometric pressure really does me in. I don't know how it will be now that I'm feeling better on my new med.

    Remember, when you feel like no one understands how you feel that we are here just a few mouse clicks away & we understand! We know how it feels to have family & friends think our problems are due to too much medication or all in our heads etc.

    Thinking of you,
  4. rosemarie

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    I really want you to know how much it means to me that you understand what I am going thru and honsestly believe me. I feel so alone at times . I take care of my Mom alot and she does not understand what fibro and mps do to me.
    She just tells me to get out side and take a walk, don't dwell on it, It can't be that bad. YOu know you should go to church , don't use your pain or irratatioin with small crying children stop you from going. NO one gets it. I have tried to sit in church but when you can't hear any thing said becuase of the crying babies, whining toddlers, small children who need naps, the buzzing of the lights and the microphone, it causes so much pain in my body taht I can't sit there I have to leave , the noise hurts my head, eye's and ears. I can feel the noise as strange as that may sound and it hurts my body. I don't end up getting anything spirtual out of attending church when I am in so much pain that I go home sicker than I came.

    I do miss meeting the people and getting to know new people but I hate to have to explain why I don't go to church or any other meeting. I hate telling people that I have fibro and mps along with other pain conditioins most don't know what fibro is or what cmps is. So why tell them?

    I don't get to see my old friends either as most of them work full time and have there own families to deal with and their own problems that have to be dealt with . I do get out to visit my girls more than I used to and I really try to not bring up how I feel that day.

    Today while my daughter was out and about she left her baby Spencer who is 17 months old. He is a handfull, I am struggleing to get my key board to work like it should. Grandpa says it won't hurt ithe keyboard for him to stand on it. I tured the coumputer off but Spencer kept turning it on again. He is obecessed with buttons, key boards, on and off buttons on teh TV, my phone buttons, he played for a long time and I fed him and changed him and thought that he was alseep but no way.

    So grandpa took him out side and let him throw rocks a couple of times and that wore him out. He finally climbed on my lap and was eating snacks when he just laid down his head and closed his little eyes and was out like a light. He slept for abot an hour when he heard his mommies voice and woke up.

    I enjoyed it alot. But It really wore me out. I didn't say aany thing to my daughter but when 5pm rolled around I was dozing off in teh chair and snoreing, I know cause it woke me up a couple of times. Now that it is after 10pm and I should be sleepy I am wide awake.

    I some times feel like a new born who has their days and nights mixed up. I don't know how to change it or even what to change so that I could go to bed before 5 am. When i do finally go to bed I wake my hubby up every time, for some reason he pulls off all teh blankets off not only his side of the bed but mine as well, so when I am pulling my convers back on to my side it wakes him up. Usually I wait till he is up and then go to bed.

    Any way thanks for listening to me vent, It really means alot to me. AT least here I am not alone and have some one who can understand what it is like to live with this monster of chronic pain, fibro, cmps. LOts of hugs to all
  5. clementyne

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    You are welcome ... we all need to vent sometimes & venting to each other, people who understand & don't think you are just a complainer, is probably healthier for us than to try to make other people understand.

    My DH is a good man but I wish he wouldn't even ask me how I feel! When I say I am in pain, his voice always drops to a whisper & he just says "Sorry". I want to smack him! And he is a health care professional! I know that might sound like I'm nuts but it just goes through me! I want to say "Either don't ask me how I feel or sound like you really care when I answer!" Lol!

    I understand about church, too. Loud noises mess me up. Children crying & such. Some churches now have different services for different tastes - I wonder if you good find one that has a Traditional service that would be quieter. I still go every week & I love it but I often come home feeling like I've been beat up! And, if I don't just rest the day of our mid-week service, I don't have the energy to go. All that is so much better now, though! I came home from eating after church, dropped my DH off (my big, strong DH, who needed a nap after lunch! Lol!), picked up my dog & went to the garden center. Three months ago that would never have happened!

    I was laughing, picturing Spencer jumping up & down on the keyboard & Grandpa defending him! I love having my niece & nephew but I'm glad it's only three days a week! I used to fall asleep sometimes, sitting @ the kitchen table while they ate their lunch!

    Why is it that we can be so tired but as soon as we go to bed our eyes pop open?! My husband & I each have our own offices @ home & I have a bed in mine - it's made up to look like a sofa - so I often sleep in there. We just don't sleep well together. He calls me The Princess from The Princess & The Pea because if there is a wrinkle in the sheet it keeps me awake. I like everything nice & neat but DH rolls himself up in his comforters like a cocoon - drives me NUTS!

    Anytime you need to vent, feel free to contact me! I have a sympathetic ear and a willing spirit!

    I will be thinking of and praying for you!

  6. Saoirse3

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    Oh, hon, I am SO sorry you are hurting! Our weather has been ridiculous too. Bright sunshine and warm (well, for Alaska, 40 degrees is "warm"! LOL!) to single digit, snow, wind - just yuck! And the icicles look like rows of monster teeth - I am SO afraid to walk out to the car for fear of getting stabbed by falling ice!

    Well, if I can't make you feel better, maybe I can make you laugh. I had lost my very favorite pair of slippers, my NAP "foot comforters". I looked EVERYWHERE for them, which takes about ten minutes in our tiny apartment. Finally, I gave up and ordered a new pair. I was visiting my son this weekend (I call him my son because I love him like one, so I "adopted" him and he's part of my ever-growing "family") and he was showing me his new artwork. I was sitting on his bed and happened to look over in his closet. There was a fuzzy thing sticking out - MY SLIPPER! I got up and hauled his clothes out onto the floor and found the mate. I exploded. "Why the he** didn't you TELL me my slippers were up here?" He offered a feeble explanation - "Well, umm, I dunno, they just blended in with my clothes". I gave him a long look and said "Son, they're PINK!" And of course, the new pair arrived today! My husband suggested that if I wore all of them at once, I could join the Iditarod as a sled dog. I suggested he wear one over his head for a few days! LOL!

    Keep your chin up and remember I care!

    Soft hugs,

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