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    I went to the website, but I dont understand how they can offer low payments, and low out going costs from our wallet. Where does the rest come from? And is this a reliable system? They only have been around since 97' so they say. Not much of a history as far as i can tell. Anyone have it and would recommend it?
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    We recently discussed this and I explained how it works. Use the search feature here to find the post; search on Care Entree.

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    Here it is.

    Basically 12/19/02 03:59 PM

    Insurance companies have contracts with groups of docs and hospitals to provide their services at greatly reduced rates. The docs and hospitals have been somewhat held ransom if they wanted to ensure they had enough patients, so they went along with it. Medicare does the same thing and pays the docs according to the Medicare Schedule which is far below what the doc would charge the average Joe walking in and paying case. The docs and hospitals write off the difference between what they value the service at and what they actually receive.

    These new groups also contract with the docs and hospitals and charge their members a fee. By paying this fee and belonging to this group, a person can go to the doc without insurance and pay the reduced price which is what the doc would have received from the insurance company plus the patient's co-pay. In other words, you pay for your own services, but at a much reduced rate than if you had no insurance and didn't belong to the group.

    It benefits the docs because they don't have to hassle the paperwork and wait for their money. They gotta love that!

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    Ok, well that makes more sense. My rates keep going up, but iam a bit reluctant in dumping it, in favor of this type. I guess i am looking for more of a track record. Wouldnt hurt to call and ask for a brochure though. Thanks for clearing it up