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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ldoty, Aug 7, 2008.

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    I have posted before and from the responses from that post, I am more confused. I am currently on LTD for depression, agoraphobia, hypertension and FM. MY LTD company, Disability RMS, requested that I file for SSD and that the company I worked for hired The Social Security Law Group to help employees file for SSD. I have filled out all the papers and then sent them to SSLG and they forward to my state (IN) SSD. I called Disability RMS today and asked if I am awarded SSD would it be for all my illnesses or is there a primary and secondary illness that SSD is awarded for? They told me it would be for all the illnesses that I have filed for. I then asked them about my FM dx. They told me it is still under review. I asked for what. They said for determining if I will receive LTD benefits for 2 years (mental disability) or 4 years (medical disability). I am really confused. If I am awarded SSD, isn't it for all illnesses? Can a LTD company deny my LTD medical benefits of 4 years if they don't find I am impaired enough to receive it? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
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    An LTD company can deny you your LTD payments if they think your medical disability is not substantiated. If you think they are wrong then you can appeal it but you would probably need a lawyer for that. So basically yes they can...you have to prove you are ill enough for them.

    An LTD company does not have any authority over whether you get granted SSDI or not. The main reason they want you to apply for that is because then they only have to pay the difference between your SSDI and LTD payment.

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    With LTD comapnies, the rule of thumb is that they will deny anything they can!! Worse than SSA.

    A yahoo group called disability insurance issues is really helpful. You find them at disinsissues at yahoogroups dot com. they have attorneys and people who used to work in the industry or for SSA who answer questions. they are not a support group like this, so it helps to read their questions or files.

    But I think they can begin to answer your questions just the way you put it here. what is needed with LTD companies can be very different than with SSA.

    And with SSDI, they will award it on anything they can, IF it is supported. Depression for instance is a condition they have have clear guidelines on, so if your case meets their guidelines, you could get the SSDI on depression and not on FM which is not as clearly established as depression. Isn't that confusing?? But in the case of SSDI - the advice is just take it!! And keep seeing your doctor about everything.

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