I don't understand what my doctor said, please help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by romanshopper, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. romanshopper

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    I went to my doctor this morning. I don't think he was in a good mood. That was bad - I could tell by the time he walked in that he seemed to be in a terrible mood.

    We did the visit and I asked him about my disability. He told me it was more legal than medical and that they would turn me down. I told him I'd not worked in 2 years and had had a period before of being out for about that long with this, and that I was running up against the deadline to file.

    He said he didn't know about any deadline, and that I could probably do light sedentary work.

    Then he said 'do what you have to do, if it has been 2 years now this time you probably won't get better.'

    He said medically I was only about 5% disabled, that I had to understand he saw folks with strokes that were quadriplegic and they were 35% disabled. That they'd turn me down twice and just get a lawyer.

    He never did say he would support me or he wouldn't, which is what I was asking. All he'd say was that he didn't like to say that people were.

    Then he said that they'd probably give it to me since I couldn't even multiply 400 x 4 and get 1600. I said 2400. (There was some question over my dose of neurontin. He confused me saying 400mg. I got home and checked and it is 600's that I take.) I just got real confused.

    I'm not sure WHAT to do now. Help me decipher this?

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  2. Daisys

    Daisys Member

    may be speaking from experience. Sad but true. I had a friend who had uncontrolled diebetes, heart surgery, and other problems who couldn't get on disability. He could hardly walk and they told him to go back to a job he'd had years ago that involved carrying heavy things and a lot of walking. He obviously wasn't up to that, but they try to make it really, really hard to get on disability.
    Getting a lawyer who works with disibility issues is maybe the first step.
  3. romanshopper

    romanshopper New Member

    My insurance makes me have a referral to the different docs, and it is so hard to get in with them, this it is like you see them once every 3 months and they don't freaking know you and you have to hit them up with wanting disability - you know?

    I am honestly so much more disabled than a couple of family members that are on disability (for charcot marie - it seems to be an automatic yes.) I don't know what to do. I feel terribly sick all the time, and in pain so much of it that I can't think about all this straight.
  4. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    Why not call the office and annoy them, then the doctor will know you have memory problems!!

    Do not worry about him. SSA considers all of your doctors.
    I tend to feed them the worst info and hold back on what
    they might say 'Hey, she can work'. Which of course I can not.

    I get reviewed every three years. I wrote a letter and told them that I felt it was not needed so often and maybe they were taking a random sample, which I should be taken off now.

    Do not get upset. Sleep, meditate and then think out your next course of action! (If any is needed).

  5. romanshopper

    romanshopper New Member

    and I am BROKE - I've been out of work for 2 years now. I've went through savings, cashed out investments...
    I got sick once before but got better and went back to work, but this time it getting worse.
  6. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I think he was just telling you the hard realities. The doc that helped me so much w/ my filing told me some real horror stories of people more obviously disabled than I that were denied. It is totally more legal than medical. The papers are all legal, you have to go before a judge or tribunal in the end and its best to have a lawyer. I've always thought this was a travesty, that they put such sick people through the legal system. We are sick, not criminals.

    They will pick at any little loophole, discrepancy, or contradiction. Some of their summations put me in a rage. They'd say stupid things like the patient is diagnosed w/ MCS, but owns a cat. Like that means anything, cats aren't chemicals.

    You need to ask him point blank if he will help w/ your filing, if he will fill out any pertinent paperwork for you. The other thing to remember is peristance. They may turn you down for years, your doc obviously knows the system you are up against and its a merciliess one, but if you keep coming back they will eventually grant you. The system is set up to weed out the ones that this isn't as important to. They know if you have any means to work or get finances elsewhere, you will give up in disgust. They know that the ones truly disabled that have no other recourse will keep filing because they have nothing else.

    There you have it, a heartless system. Occasionally you get a sympathetic reviewer and you get through quick. It's happened for 2 friends of mine. You can have that hope, just don't count on it. Don't be surprised at anything that comes up, an dtry not to get discouraged. Its so hard, but persistance will win, you can take that to your empty bank account.

  7. romanshopper

    romanshopper New Member

    He did say he would fill out any paperwork that I needed, and they had my chart, and my medications, surgeries, ect.

    I am struggling today. I don't know what was worse - his saying I probably would not get better, or not being able to speak up better for myself, or not being able to understand, or not being able to do a simple math problem or remember what size pill I took.

    And at the bottom of it all - I really don't want to file. I've put it off forever thinking I would get better again.
  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    So sorry about both your physical and emotional dis-
    tress!! I agree with what ggiggi said as the whole
    thing with the SSA appears to be a Crap shoot!!
    The system just seems so relative, however don't get
    discouraged. If you haven't already, start the process
    as it can take quite awhile as you have hear already.

    I won my case before the ALJ without an Attorney and no
    reasonable expectation of winning at all. Otherwise, I
    would have had Lawyer with me! Two days before my hearing,
    my Doctors physical assessment arrived in my mailbox stating that he fealt I was capable of performing "light
    duties". It was a reluctant opinion on his part as he had
    an ambivalent feeling about his avaluation. I told him
    on my visit with him that I only expected him to evaluate
    my capacity on an objective and professional manner within
    conscionable parameter.

    The day of the Hearing, I submitted copies of his Profess-
    ional opinion to the Judge and panel before I entered the
    room. At that point, I was figuring on an "early lunch"!!
    But as the hearing proceeded, the Court appt. Doctor did
    not agree with my own, in that my illness and documented
    fatigue was "emblematic and consistant" with my genetic
    blood disorder as demonstated over the years.

    The Judge asked me if I fealt I could go back to work in
    a manner that who support myself. I replied that I would
    have no problem acquiring a job due to my education level,
    acquired skills and business experience. However, can I
    Promise a perspective employeer that I can come to work
    each day and give 100% to the Company and other employee's?
    I know honestly that I can't say or do that!

    The labor expert as well as the Judge understood my point.
    Having produced my Doctors evaluation just prior to the
    hearing that morning made the Judge feel that he believed
    that all my "testimony was all credible". At that point he
    told me he would recommend that my application be approved!

    My experience suggests a number of things here the main one
    being that anything is possible. Please stay with it and
    see things through.

    Best wishes, P.S. see: www.disabilitysecrets.

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