i dont wanna be bipolar

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    My family hates me & they don't take my condition sereously. I find myself up all nite crying and sleeping all day. I know I can beat this with the proper resources and I have a very good plan but I can't seem 2 get it off the ground. They don't help & they don't care. I HAVE NO ONE! I don't wanna kill myself or anyone else I jus wanna be happy at least okay. I am so alone except 4 the children & they kno something is wrong but I don't take it out on them. They make me smile & laugh but I should be making them smile & laugh instead I'm battling depression all alone. I HATE being this way I don't even kno how I got like this or why. I tried medication & it made it worse. I even got a book on bipolar & it talks about different activities but I jus can't get 2 them or even afford sum of them. Idk what 2 do. I don't wanna be sad like this. I wanna LIVE LOVE & LAUGH!
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    I want to tell you that I'm so pleased that you are struggling to keep going with your bipolar ailment despite not having the support you need from your family. It's sad to say, but too many don't get support from their family--whether they have Fibro, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, they're physically disabled in a wheelchair, they have depression or even if they have bipolar.

    I'm asking you that as hard as it may be, to continue on with your resources, your doctors, your medication, and, if necessary, call the local mental health society to find free meetings of a bipolar support group that may meet near you. If you can't get the support from your family, then definitely reach out and get from these great support groups.

    Always know that you are important enough to do this for yourself and for right now forget about the family lack of support. Love your children and give them your time and they will eventually grow to understand that no human is perfect and love you even more for who you are. You will live, love and laugh. Hugs.
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